Wedding Jewelry

2024 Wedding Band Trends & Styles

Consider each of these timeless bands from Day’s Jewelers for your upcoming wedding. Each of these styles offers a fresh look that will be cherished forever.

Channel Surfing

This elegant and masculine wedding band features a curved channel of nine diamonds, adding a modern twist to a classic design. This ring is made in 10kt yellow gold.

Men’s Diamond Curve Channel Band in 10kt Yellow Gold (1/5 ct tw)

Custom Curves

Nestle your engagement ring perfectly within the loving contours of a curved band, like a custom-fit hug. Whether you choose a subtle, gradual curve or favor a bold or sharp look, pairing a curved or contour band with your engagement setting is a perfect way to create a truly custom stack to tell your love story your way. 

Diamond Curved Band in 14kt Yellow Gold (5/8 ct tw)

Tough and Tender

You deserve a ring that will withstand everything you put it through. This buffed, yellow-toned tungsten wedding band perfectly blends love’s classic symbolism and modern-day durability and style. Crafted simply for the modern-day spouse, this ring is sure to be there through it all.

Men’s Wedding Band in Yellow Tungsten (6mm)

Distinctive Pairings

Much like the adage, “opposites attract,” sometimes the most vital partnerships merge the unexpected, and once-disparate elements augment and bolster one another. For a modern look, we love the distinctive pairing of gemstone geometry, seen in this 14kt yellow gold band featuring classic round and bold baguette bezel-set diamonds intimately nestled together in glimmering dynamism. Like your love story, there’s beauty and strength in bringing out the best in one another. 

Round and Baguette Diamond Bezel Band in 14kt Yellow Gold (3/8 ct tw)

Sharp Shapes 

Try an eye-catching, sharp shape for a striking update on the traditional. We love the bold design of this pear band, featuring not fancy-cut diamonds but round stones outfitted in distinctively bold settings. This modern band packs a visual punch while maintaining the softness and glamour of a classically romantic bridal moment. 

Diamond Bezel Set Band in 14k Gold, 1/2 ct tw (top) Diamond Bezel Set Band in 14k Gold, 1 ct tw (bottom)

A Whole Lot of Look

Ovals are one of the hottest bridal trends in 2024 and are often favored in engagement rings for their effect of visually elongating the wearer’s finger. The symmetry of an oval cut also lends itself to the visual implication of an even larger stone. So, in selecting your wedding band, why not go for a whole lot of look?! We love the look of an oval wedding band for its striking beauty and bold styling — a ring that is a testament to your marriage and is sure to turn heads. 

Oval Diamond Band in 14kt White Gold (13/4 ct tw)

Playful Partners

Selecting a wedding band should be a joy, and it can sometimes be overwhelming if you find yourself torn in your decision-making process. Do you find yourself drawn to both the simplicity of an unadorned band and crave the sparkle of a diamond eternity? Do you love both distinctive textures and want the high gloss look of polish? Might we suggest the “both/and” route? We love the exquisite interplay of textures, features, and design elements of these bands, making playful partners for any and everyone. 

Diamond and High Polish Band in 14kt Yellow Gold (1/4ct tw)

Eternal Emeralds 

The very vintage look of Emerald Cuts is having a majorly modern cultural moment, as are bold bezels. Why not embrace the eternity of this look with a stunning Emerald Cut Bezel Eternity Band? This true showstopper will become an iconic and treasured family heirloom for generations.

Emerald Cut Diamond Bezel Set Eternity Band in 14k Gold, 2 3/4cttw

Rose Gold with Black Alternative Metal

Tungsten is a popular alternative to precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum and is one of the most complex substances known to man.

Because of its durability, tungsten is heartily scratch-resistant and won’t bend as easily as precious metals. Unlike other metals that need to be polished regularly, you can expect its shine and luster to last for years. Tungsten comes in many colors, including white, gray, black, and rose, making for a chic, sleek, modern look.

Tungsten also has hypoallergenic qualities, making it a perfect choice for those allergic to precious metals. Because of all these benefits, tungsten is one of the top-selling metals for men’s wedding bands.

Mens Wedding Band in Black and Rose Tungsten (8mm)

Eternity Diamond Bands

Eternity diamond bands are a splendid choice for anyone looking for extra sparkle to celebrate their everlasting love.

Unlike other ring styles, eternity diamond bands are fully encircled by diamonds, symbolizing the eternal nature of the occasion you’re celebrating.

Eternity bands capture and reflect light like no other, glittering from every angle, no matter how the ring spins around your finger. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement or an anniversary, eternity bands are perfect for expressing your commitment in a lasting, beautiful way.

Diamond Eternity Band in 14kt White Gold (3/8ct tw)

Fancy Shape Bands

Fancy shape bands are an excellent option to make a statement on your wedding day.

From emerald cut to oval, pear-cut to radiant, there’s something for everyone. Fancy shape bands are available in a variety of styles, such as eternity or channel, and symbolize the infinite promise of your wedding day. These darling varieties of wedding bands are sure to become dear to your heart, and they make a great conversation piece.

Oval Diamond Eternity Band in 14kt White Gold (3 1/2ct tw)

Stackable Bands

Stackable bands offer the opportunity to customize your favorite accessories with unique looks. This style means you can stack multiple rings on the same finger, adding more layers for special occasions or to mark anniversaries.

Stacking different types on top of one another reflects your individuality, and mixing, and matching are all part of the fun! Stackable rings are a lively way to stand out from the crowd, no matter the occasion.

Diamond Stackable Band in 14kt White Gold (1/10ct tw)


Like ring wraps and guards, inserts are double bands with a gap in the middle designed to fit around your engagement ring. This ring type adds a unique flair to your finished look and is typically curved or contoured. Inserts accentuate the beauty of the ring you’re already wearing and are often added for anniversaries or other special occasions. Inserts are a fun way to dress up an existing favorite ring or to complement or personalize an heirloom piece. Most importantly, inserts can protect your engagement ring from slipping or falling off, so you never have to worry about losing your beautiful expression of love and commitment.

Diamond Insert Wedding Band in 14kt White Gold (3/4ct tw)

Pavé Bands

Pavé is a ring set with small diamonds around the band.

The name comes from the French word for “paved,” as the finished ring resembles a paved or cobblestone road made of diamonds. This setting’s history goes back hundreds of years, notably from the English Georgian era of the 18th century.

Often this setting sees clusters of small diamonds accentuating a larger center stone, which can make the center stone seem larger than it is. The smaller diamonds are set so closely in this setting that they cannot be distinguished from the metal band.

This is sometimes called a bead setting, and it’s perfect for getting maximum sparkle from your ring.

De Beers Forevermark Petite Micro Pave Comfort Fit Diamond Band in 18kt Rose Gold (1/7ct tw)