Maine Highlands Region

Highlights of the Maine Highlands Region

Welcome to the Maine Highlands Region, a landscape of rugged beauty and natural splendor, offering a unique and majestic setting for your wedding. This region, encompassing the vast wilderness of northern Maine, is defined by its rolling hills, dense forests, and the iconic Appalachian Mountains, presenting a perfect backdrop for couples seeking a serene and picturesque wedding destination.

Imagine your special day set against the backdrop of the majestic Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak and a centerpiece of Baxter State Park. This stunning natural wonder provides an awe-inspiring setting for outdoor ceremonies, where the grandeur of the mountains meets the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.

The Maine Highlands is also home to the legendary Penobscot River, offering idyllic riverside spots that are perfect for a romantic and intimate ceremony. The gentle flow of the river and the lush greenery of the banks create a peaceful and picturesque ambiance.

The region’s numerous lakes, such as Moosehead Lake, the largest in Maine, offer additional breathtaking venues. With crystal-clear waters and panoramic views of the surrounding forest, these lakes provide a serene and beautiful setting for your nuptials and wedding photography.

For those seeking a touch of history and rustic charm, the small towns and villages throughout the Maine Highlands, like Greenville and Millinocket, offer unique venues such as historic inns, charming barns, and cozy lodges. These settings not only provide a warm and inviting atmosphere but also reflect the rich heritage and character of the region.

The Maine Highlands Region is also renowned for its outdoor activities, adding an adventurous twist to your wedding experience. From hiking and wildlife watching to snowmobiling and skiing, there are ample opportunities for you and your guests to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Each season in the Maine Highlands brings its own distinct beauty, from the lush summers and vibrant autumns to the snowy winters and fresh springs. This region, with its combination of natural wonders, rustic charm, and a sense of adventure, offers a diverse array of choices for your wedding, ensuring that your special day is as memorable and extraordinary as your love story.

Approximate distance from …

Portland: 200 miles
Boston: 300 miles
New York City: 500 miles
Montreal: 320 miles

Nearest airport:

Bangor International Airport (BGR)

Where to get your marriage license:

Bangor City Clerk
73 Harlow St

Greenville Town Office
73 Harlow St

Lincoln Town Clerk
73 Harlow St

Medway Town Office
4 School Street

East Millinocket Town Office
53 Main Street

Millinocket Town Clerk
197 Penobscot Avenue

For more information:

Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce

Greater Bangor Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Destinations in the Maine Highlands Region

Cities and Towns in the Region

Abbot | Alton | Argyle Township | Atkinson | Bangor | Barnard Plantation | Beaver Cove | Big W Plantation | Blanchard Plantation | Bowerbank | Bradford | Bradley | Brassua Plantation | Brewer | Brownville | Burlington | Carmel | Carroll Plantation | Charleston | Chester | Clifton | Corinna | Corinth | Dexter | Dixmont | Dover-Foxcroft | Drew Plantation | East Millinocket | Eddington | Edinburg | Eliotsville Plantation | Enfield | Etna | Exeter | Garland | Glenburn | Grand Falls Plantation | Greenbush | Greenfield | Greenville | Grindstone | Guilford | Hampden | Hermon | Holden | Howland | Hudson | Indian Island | Kenduskeag | Kingman Township | Kingsbury Plantation | Kokadjo | LaGrange | Lakeville Plantation | Lee | Levant | Lincoln | Lowell | Mattawamkeag | Maxfield | Medford | Medway | Milford | Millinocket | Milo | Monson | Mount Chase | Newburgh | Newport | Northeast Carry | Old Town | Orneville Township | Orono | Orrington | Parkman | Passadumkeag | Patten | Penobscot Indian Nation | Plymouth | Prentiss Plantation | Ripogenus Dam | Rockwood |Sangerville | Sapling Plantation | Sebec | Seboeis | Seboomook | Shirley | Springfield | Stetson | Taunton & Raymond Academy Grant | Tomhegan Plantation | Veazie | Webster Plantation | Wellington | Williamsburg Township | Willimantic | Winn | Woodville

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