Types of Honeymoons


A resort honeymoon is the most popular type of honeymoon, as resorts are geared towards people who want to get away from it all and relax and rejuvenate. Resorts differ from hotels in that they are usually more isolated, offer several dining options, and include recreational activities as well as pristine beaches and pools. All-inclusive resort vacations are popular because you pay one price up front and you don’t have to worry about carrying around your wallet—everything (including tips) is included. Double check to make sure what is included, as some resorts will expect you to pay for alcoholic beverages and other incidentals separately. The best part about an all-inclusive resort is that you can really get away from it all and not worry about anything. Most resorts will be large enough for you to stay right on the property. With an all-inclusive resort, you know exactly what your trip will cost, making it easy to save up for. Many couples also include their resort honeymoon on their wedding registry, making it easy for guests to contribute to your post-wedding day getaway!


Cruises are similar to resorts in that you and your new spouse are paying one price for the entire vacation. On some cruise lines you are expected to pay for alcoholic beverages, excursions, and other incidentals (like spa treatments), so be sure what is included before signing up. The benefit of a cruise is that you travel around, visiting several ports during your honeymoon. You will be shuttled to the different ports by the cruise line and have the opportunity to experience new cultures and activities. Each cruise line and boat has a different “personality” so be sure to research and find the cruise experience that is right for you. Some cruises are highly social while some are more subdued and relaxing. The destinations are all different, too, from the Western Caribbean to Europe to Alaska! The possibilities are endless.

Adventure Vacation

If relaxing on a beach isn’t your kind of honeymoon, don’t worry! Adventure honeymoons are action-packed and the options are dizzying. Do whatever brings you excitement and knock some things off of your bucket list. Take an African safari, go whitewater rafting, charter a yacht and sail the Greek isles. Take a cycling trip through Germany, ski the French Alps, or hike to Machu Picchu. There are lots of tour groups that can make planning your adventure easy and enjoyable. Find a travel agent who can set you up with a guide to take you where you want to go.

DIY Honeymoon

More and more couples are taking advantage of lodging options such as Air BnB and HomeAway for their honeymoon. Couples book a stay through these vacation property rental sites and explore a new part of the country or the world during their vacation. If you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to live in Paris, San Francisco, Hawaii, or Seoul, you can! You can rent a room or an entire apartment/home in another city and explore from there. This option is great for those couples that like to be in charge and plan vacations themselves. You won’t find the same type of amenities staying in someone’s home that you would in a hotel or resort, but you have freedom to experience new places in the comfort of (someone else’s) home.

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