Ask the Expert: Design & Decor

Maine Event Design & Decor’s client-based approach takes event design off your shoulders but not out of your hands.

Maine Event Design & Decor is one of Maine’s premier event design companies, specializing in lighting and fabric designs, based in Brunswick, Maine. Their mission is to create visual representations of each client’s unique style and vision. Their designs subtly enhance existing venue spaces or create dramatic overhauls in styles ranging from rustic barn chic, glamorous white elegance, sleek and modern industrial lines, and classic ballroom decor. 

Maine Event Design & Decor is a small family-owned and operated event design firm. This mother and daughter team has over 35 combined years of expertise in the event design industry and boasts an all-female staff. These women know how to get things done! Their unique designs can be seen at weddings, corporate, and social events across northern New England.

Established in 2010, the company skyrocketed to the top of the Maine wedding industry and quickly became known for its creative use of light and color, and its ability to transform ordinary rooms and event spaces into extraordinary new experiences.

Maine Event Design & Decor is led by the dream team of Robyn Weathers and Rachel Allen.

Robyn Weathers is the company’s resident consultation expert. She has created stunning decor in hundreds of venues throughout Maine and New Hampshire and enjoys personalizing each celebration to fit each client’s style and budget. Her in-depth knowledge of Maine venues is invaluable, and she enjoys figuring out what will work best in each unique space. She has a knack for recognizing a client’s vision and creating a decor plan that will exceed expectations.

Rachel Allen is the onsite design expert. Certified by IWED (Institute of Wedding & Event Design), Rachel is the logistical guru who turns visions into reality. She creates many of the company’s original decor and lighting designs and handles the onsite logistics during each installation. 

Established in the spring of 2010, Maine Event Design & Decor was a forerunner and continues to lead the industry in creativity, customer service, and serving up the wow factor in Maine and beyond. It all started well before then, Robyn remembers.

“I started many years before 2010, decorating events in various other mediums. Rachel began working with me at the age of 12, learning the industry from that young age. We joined forces and rebranded at Maine Event Design & Decor when she finished college. We have been decorating events all over Maine and New Hampshire ever since.”

With so many decor options for clients to choose from, it is Robyn and Rachel’s expert attention at every level that sets them apart from their competition. We asked them what they thought this meant to them.

“We practice attention to detail and reinforce it with each employee,” Robyn says. “Each drape needs to be spotless and wrinkle-free, with even drapes that span the room, tent, barn, or wherever we’re working. Each light needs to be working properly. We check each dimmer to ensure they are working properly as well. We want the client to walk into their venue with their jaw dropped, totally amazed at the transformation. We want to bring the wow factor!” This level of seamless excellence at every level shows, and their work grabs the attention of clients and wedding professionals all over Maine.

These wow moments don’t just happen spontaneously, even though it sometimes appears that way. The process behind the logistics is what sets the tone for each project. Instead of repeating the same design each time, Robyn and Rachel seek to improve and expand on each design with each new client.

“Many couples have seen our work at their venue and have something in mind that we have created at this venue before,” Robyn says.

“The first thing I want to know is what is behind the client’s vision. Are we going to create something completely new, or do they want my creative input and approach this in a more collaborative way? I’m totally open and love a challenge! I am the one who works with the couples and creates the lighting and decor plan. Once we have a plan, I work with any other vendors who may be involved — event coordinator, florist, caterer, etc. I take the ball and run with it. Rachel is our decorator extraordinaire! She works with our amazing crew to bring the design or their vision to life.”

Rather than just presenting options and giving examples, Robyn encourages her clients to be integral in the design process.

“Most people are visual, and photos are a big help! Sometimes they have a vision or concept that they want to share that is totally new. We talk it through, and I come up with a plan for placement, color, style, etc.,” she says.

“Other times, the client has photos from places like Pinterest, which is helpful to me. Once I understand the client’s vision, I can show them photos of things we have created in the past and examples of the many kinds of lighting and draping we offer.”

Having an evolving list of inventory is essential to this business, and Robyn makes sure to keep an eye on what is trending and cover all of the basics.

“We offer nine different styles of chandeliers and the always-popular pendant lights. Rattan shades with greenery were trendy in 2021 and are booking quickly for 2022 as well.”

In thinking about events in the long term, Robyn knows that the lighting and decor leave a lasting impression on guests’ memories.

“You and your guests will remember the decor and lighting a year from now, five years from now!” Robyn says confidently.

“As I mentioned earlier, we bring the wow factor! Your guests may remember that the food was delicious but not what was served. They may remember that the music was fun, but not exactly what was played. But they will remember the decor and the impact it made on the festivities that night.” This confidence has served her and the company well, with many legacy customers coming year after year for their design expertise.

Good customer service is a crucial part of this business, and Maine Event Design & Decor offers large quantities.

“I almost always answer the phone!” Robyn says. “When I don’t, I return their call the same day. I also return emails within 24 hours. I have been known to answer the phone when up on a ladder. It might be just to ask if I can return their call when I finish the install I’m on, but I want them to actually speak to someone and know that someone cares about their celebration.” This level of service is a cornerstone of Maine Event Design & Decor’s business and leads to glowing reviews season after season. Having a confident and competent crew supports this.

“Rachel and I love what we do!” says Robyn. “Our enthusiasm has spread to our team members who feel the same way. While other businesses are having trouble finding good help, or any help for that matter, we have team members who stay because they love it. We treat our team members well and pay well with benefits. Rachel and I both feel that if we do well, our team members deserve the same. Of particular pride to this women-owned business is an all-female crew. They are essential in making sure every couple is happy with our work.”

“We have hired men in the past but they don’t stay long. Our female crew does ladders, lifts, and can do anything a male crew can. No wimpy girls here!” 

Keep an eye out for Maine Event Design & Decor. The chances are good that they are transforming an event space near you right now!