Elope Me

Mariah and Isaiah keep it simple in their perfect Maine elopement
Story By Susan Grieve | Photography By Taylor Jan Photography
Mariah and Isaiah met through a mutual friend who thought they would be a good match. They both thought otherwise. “I wasn’t interested in a relationship or Isaiah. He was a college football player, and I (falsely) prejudged. Isaiah was weary, too, because he focused on football and school, not girls. We both don’t know how we went from that to seriously dating within months.”
From the start of this deepening relationship, Mariah remembers that she and Isiah faced challenges from the very beginning that strengthened their bond. “We have faced an obscene number of trials and tribulations right from the start. But one HUGE triumph had the potential to be a make-or-break situation. This happened just five months into our relationship. Most people would just have moved on. But, instead, we decided to stick with each other and figure out how to solve the issue together.”
Isaiah remembers that “It made our lives incredibly difficult as we were figuring out how to deal with this obstacle. Finally, we realized that we were working as a team.” Isaiah knew it was forever at that moment, but it took Mariah a little longer to realize. Looking back, Mariah realizes that this significant event was a catalyst and became the couple’s mantra: Through thick and thin. “We took the advice of many happy elderly couples, and it turns out that working through issues, even the most challenging ones, will eventually strengthen your love
and bond.”
Isaiah planned the proposal for sunrise on a cold March morning at the beach in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He set up hot cocoa and blankets on the jetty. He had been holding on to the ring since December and didn’t want to wait any longer. Mariah was under the impression that it was  just a romantic date — something she and Isaiah often did. As they drove to the beach, Isaiah asked Mariah if she was ready for marriage yet. Mariah remembers that “we talked about the future often so that this was also not an unusual or random question.” Mariah wanted to wait a minimum of 5 years, and it had only been 21/2 and she told Isaiah she was not ready. “We went on with the date, and Isaiah asked anyway! He was so nervous that he was shaking and almost dropped the ring in the jetty. I said yes! It was a very long engagement. Compromise!”
When the time was right, Mariah and Isaiah decided to elope. They chose to come to Maine, to the Town Hall in Wells. Isaiah remembers, “We decided it was now or never, so we chose to elope! The pandemic had many restrictions on travel, etc. and Mariah called town and city halls up and down the coast from southern New Hampshire to northern Maine to see where would allow it. Once we created that list, we researched the actual locations to see which would fit the aesthetic. We narrowed that list even further and took a day trip to see these places in person. Wells, Maine, is a beautiful town. The Town Hall has beautiful pillars and gardens outside. Beside the building are these enchanting architectural boulders and trees. Wells also offered an eclectic array of scenery that was perfect for photos! Plus, Ogunquit was next door for a mini-moon!”
Mariah and Isaiah’s wedding day arrived with little fanfare, but their excitement was running high! They decided to keep some of the traditional wedding day formalities. “The night before, we got a 2-bedroom cottage so we could sleep separately and get ready separately,” Mariah explains. “We still wanted to have a genuine first look! We held the ceremony outside Town Hall under the pillars and took photos in the garden and the enchanted forest. Afterwards, we found an adorable restaurant, Fisherman’s Catch, and “toasted” our marriage with classic Maine lobster rolls in a wedding dress and wedding garb!”
In an act symbolic of the adjustments made while planning a pandemic wedding, Mariah and Isaiah cut their cake on the hood of their car on the side of the road. It was the
perfect end to the perfect day.
Photographer: Taylor Jan Photography, Saco
Wedding Lunch: Fisherman’s Catch, Wells
Wedding Cake: Hannaford Bakery, Wells