Rain Date
Emma & Steve
Mother Nature created a beautiful palate for Emma and Steve’s southern Maine wedding.
By Melanie Brooks
Photography by Cuppa Photography
Emma Carroll and Steve Dickinson spent three long years as mere acquaintances living in Massachusetts before they finally started dating. They first met at a Christmas party at Emma’s apartment, where Steve was kissed under the mistletoe by one of Emma’s future bridesmaids! It wasn’t until a Halloween party when a mutual friend made a conscious effort to try to set them up. When Steve, dressed as former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis, saw Emma in her farmer girl outfit, he did a double take. “It was like he was noticing me for the first time,” Emma says. They spent the rest of that night dancing and talking. At the end of the night, Steve proposed—with a novelty light up Bud Light spider ring—to which Emma replied, “Not with that ring!”
Steve and Emma’s friend Erin, who wanted to see her friends become a couple, tried to find ways to get them together again. They met up at a mutual friends birthday party in downtown Boston, where Erin had arranged the couple to sit opposite each other while dining. Steve finally got the hint, and asked for Emma’s number.
Steve proposed in November 2010. He took Emma to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, carrying the ring in his breast pocket. The ring was loose, so Steve didn’t have a big, strange, ring-box-sized bulge in his pocket. While Emma was in the ladies room he felt for the ring, and it wasn’t there. He dashed back to the couple’s seats, but it wasn’t there, either. He frantically began checking all of his pockets and noticed a hard lump along the bottom seam of his coat. The pocket where he had been carrying the ring had a small hole, and the ring had fallen into the lining of his jacket.
With just seconds before Emma was to emerge from the ladies room, Steve wiggled the ring from the bottom of his coat and back up through the hole in his pocket. Emma emerged from the ladies room to find Steve browsing the historical artifact case, none the wiser! After the orchestra, the couple headed over to the Boston Public Garden where Steve popped the question under a willow tree by the pond.
The couple started planning their wedding in York, Maine. “We wanted a location that was representative of historical New England, showcasing the uniqueness of the place we call home,” Emma says. “We also wanted a location where there would be no travel between the ceremony and reception for our out-of-town guests. We decided on the York Harbor Inn because it perfectly fit those qualities and we fell in love with the staff.” As an added bonus, Steve’s parents live right down the street.
“Steve’s parents moved to York Beach shortly before we started dating, and we spent many weekends there together,” Emma says. “With both of us coming from different parts of Massachusetts, Maine was the first place where we felt that it belonged to both of us.”
Their wedding theme was New England Vintage. The wedding day was rainy, which was a disappointment at first, but ended up creating beautiful photos. “The weather turned out to be one of the best features of the wedding,” Emma says. “It actually fit with the theme and added to the uniqueness.”
While the rain changed some plans—like the bridesmaid’s hairstyles—it did not deter the couple from hopping on Steve’s vintage motorcycle as their getaway vehicle. Emma embraced the rainy day. She and her bridesmaids donned Wellington boots, and they all carried umbrellas for the wet ceremony.
The ceremony went off with just one hitch—the couple’s 50-pound dog, Juno, who was to be walked down the aisle by Emma’s brother, caught sight of a guest she wanted to meet as she was being led towards the altar. Her leash wasn’t properly attached, and a very wet Juno went flying into the crowd. "Fortunately she was caught, calmed, and re-leashed, but not until after causing an unforgettable moment," Emma says.    
In Emma’s Words
We asked the bride more about their special day. Here’s what Emma said…
I’m so glad that . . . the weather wasn’t perfect.
One of my favorite moments was . . . when Steve’s motorcycle didn’t start right away.
I wish . . . we had had more time for portraits.
I really liked . . . how Steve remembers every second, how all of our little touches came together, how the people at the inn made everything look so perfect, how everyone had such a fantastic time, and how the costumes from the photobooth made their way onto the dance floor for some priceless photos.

Maine Vendors
Photographer: Cuppa Photography
Ceremony & Reception: York Harbor Inn
Caterer: York Harbor Inn
Salon & Makeup: Bridal Vision Company, Eliot