A Lakeside Celebration 
Emilee and Michael are joined by family and friends for a wedding celebration in the woods of beautiful western Maine.

Story by Reuben Bell
Photography by Haze Photography
Michael Davidson remembers meeting his future wife in a high school Spanish class in 2004. “My first day of sophomore year was one that I will never forget. A beautiful, bubbly cheerleader came skipping into Mrs. Benwell’s Advanced Spanish II class and caught my eye. She just had this smile and glow about her that could stop the world. In that moment, I said to myself ‘I would give anything for one date with this alluring girl!’”  Emilee Kovolisky remembers their first meeting with fondness. “Mike and I met when I was 14, he was 16. It was such an intense feeling to have, especially at such a young age. I just felt so incredibly connected to him on so many levels. We each had a ton of growing up to do, but I remember when I was 22 saying to my best friend ‘I don’t know when, but I am going to marry that boy.’ I had always loved Mike, and I always will.’ 
The couple dated throughout high school, but drifted apart after graduation. Emilee and Michael reconnected at a local bar while he was on a trip home from New Orleans. In 2014, the two found their way back to each other, and rekindled their romance. Fifteen years after that first meeting Emilee and Michael were married in the summer of 2019. 
The couple got engaged in Florida, at one of their favorite vacation spots. “Mike and I love to vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. Our proposal was sweet and exactly what I had hoped for. Following a fabulous dinner at Casablanca Cafe we opted to walk back to our hotel on the beach. Mike pulled me onto the beach and expressed himself fully through words and song. He then got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was perfect, private and personal. It was truly a magical experience, and I couldn’t imagine it going 
down another way.”
As wedding plans began to take shape, Emilee and Mike decided to get married in Maine, at Maine Lakeside Cabins. Emilee remembers that “we had visited Maine multiple times and fell in love with the land- scape. I stumbled upon Maine Lakeside cabins and fell in LOVE. Everything about the facility was perfect, and after speaking with owner and coordinator Holly Towle, we knew this was our venue and team for our big day.” 
Emilee and Michael knew from the beginning that they wanted a laid-back and casual feel for their wedding weekend. “We made it a whole wedding weekend!” Emilee says. “On Friday we took a hike to explore the beauty of Moxie Falls. Saturday morning before the ceremony my friend Julie Gallagher led us in a calming yoga class. I was extremely grateful for this add on, and I knew that everyone who participated would feel rejuvenated before the festivities began.” One of Emilee’s favorite details was the wedding favors. “We gifted guests small Eastern White Pine Saplings (the Maine state tree) so they could bring a piece of Maine home with them.” 
The wedding day began with the early morning yoga session. Emilee remembers, “we began by waking up in a beautiful cabin on Wyman Lake. My dear friend Julie was kind enough to hold a special yoga class for those who wished to participate. Her calming voice and relaxing flows truly put all who joined in a stress-free state before the activities of the day began. After yoga, Mike and I parted ways, as it was time to begin getting ready for the big event.” Emilee was pleased that several special people from her life were involved in the getting ready process. “Every
page104image7951616thing about getting ready was special. Josephine is a dear friend and has been cutting and coloring my hair since I was 11. Emma, my new sister-in-law, absolutely crushed my makeup. Both women are very talented and made me feel like an absolute princess.” 
When it was time for the ceremony to start, Emilee remembers feeling peaceful about the culmination of their efforts. “I couldn’t believe everything we had planned was about to commence. I walked down the aisle to our favorite band, Umphreys McGee, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I was walked down by my dad, mom and Leroi, the family boxer! The ceremony, officiated by our good friend Stephen, was beautiful. Every- thing felt so calm, and natural. We were 
surrounded by all of our loved ones. My brother stood up and read a small reading that I had requested. It was perfect. We wrote our own vows, and literally had everyone in tears.” 
Following the ceremony and pictures, Emilee and Michael joined their guests for the reception. Some of the evening’s high- lights for them were the first dance and parent dances. “DJ Hoss announced Mike and I and we entered to another upbeat Umphreys McGee song, groovin’ our way into the tent,” Emilee remembers. “We slowed things down a bit with our first dance. I ended up finding a beautiful piano cover of our song ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit for us to share this special moment. After our first dance, I got to dance with my dad, a moment I have been looking forward to my whole life. We danced to ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ by Frank Sinatra. Mike and his mother danced to ‘Gotta Be’ by Desiree. It was a perfect song for the two of them, starting off slow and busting into some sweet dance moves! After dinner, the dance floor was never empty. After festivities were over, we headed across the lake where we made a bonfire and continued the party. It was truly a perfect day and more than we could’ve ever anticipated.” 
I’m so glad that... we chose a Maine wedding venue. Maine Lakeside Cabins went above and beyond to ensure everything was what we dreamed it would be. 
One of my favorite moments was... our first look. Mike and I do not like to be the center of attention. The first look truly calmed our nerves and allowed for a smooth and relaxed day. Being able to see him settled me in such a way that I knew we were in this together. 
I didn’t realize... how much there is to plan! I feel like every other day I would reach out to Holly, thinking of more and more components. She truly was amazing and there for every step of the journey. 
I wish... we had added a videographer. After receiving the pictures, it truly brought me back to each and every moment. They were perfect, I just wish I had some of those special moments on video. 
I really liked... all of our vendors. Everyone truly went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. Maine Lakeside Cabins did a fabulous job of coordinating majority of the vendors, DJ Hoss had us dancing late into the night, and Noella (Haze Photography) was able to capture the true essence of who we are and what we stand for, and I can’t thank her enough. 

My advice to other brides is... less is more. Additionally, take it all in. Breathe and enjoy your day. It is true what they say, it goes by so quickly. Be sure to appreciate each and every moment with your guests and your partner. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. You need to enjoy yourself and make memories that will last a lifetime. 
Photographer: Noella Sullivan, Haze Photography, Augusta 
Wedding Planner: Holly Towle of Maine Lakeside Cabins, Caratunk 
Venue: Maine Lakeside Cabins, Caratunk
Caterer: Inn by the River, The Forks 
Florist: Skowhegan Fleuriste, Skowhegan 
Gown Alterations: The Stitch Witch, Winterport 
Wedding cake: Chef Caleb Shortt, Bangor
Reception music: DJ Hoss, Skowhegan