Emma & Matt • Maine Wedding • Fryeburg

Posted: March 14, 2018

Emma and Matt met while attending college at the University of Maine in Orono. “We met at the Bangor Mall…super romantic, right?” Emma says. They worked together at LensCrafters for two whole years before they started dating. 
It was during a trip to Jamaica in 2015 that Matt finally knew Emma was the one for him. “Whether it was how pretty I looked in the tropical sun or the pina coladas that finally convinced him, we’ll never know,” Emma says. Since Emma’s favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve, Matt decided it would be the perfect day to propose.
Keeping a secret from Emma was difficult; she’s hard to surprise. She even leaned over in church on Christmas Eve and told Matt she thought he was going to propose. He lied, telling her it wasn’t going to happen that night. 
After church the family gathered at Emma’s parent’s house to take family photos and open gifts. Matt got Emma in front of the tree for a picture. Emma’s mother pretended to struggle with how to take the picture on her phone. Emma went to help her then turned around to see Matt on one knee in front of the tree. “I, of course, sobbed,” Emma says. “It was perfect with the Christmas magic and my family there.”
Emma and Matt are both from Maine, so getting married in their home state made perfect sense. They struggled to decide if they wanted a coastal, mountain, or woodland wedding. Ultimately they decided on a wedding at Hardy Farm in Fryeburg. “Being able to stick to our own vision is the reason we chose our venue, vendors and details,” Emma says. “We wanted something that really represented us as a couple.” They love pizza, so they hired Fireworks Mobile Wood Fired Pizza to their reception. They don’t love cake, so instead served Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. They even played a polka at the reception for Emma’s mother’s side of the family. “Details like that really made our day seem like it was about us.”
Emma and Matt’s wedding day was an absolutely gorgeous 80 degree late September day. Most of the family and wedding party were able to stay at Hardy Farm and at a nearby lodge, keeping everyone close for the entire celebration. “It also allowed us plenty of time to set up décor and do the florals,” Emma adds.
The couple were married in the woods, which, in Emma’s words, was total “Maine Magic.” After the personalized ceremony, cocktails were served in the garden while the wedding party posed for some photos with Lex Nelson Photography. Dinner was served in the tent, then on to the barn for the rest of the night! 

In Emma’s Words
We asked the bride more about the big day. Here’s what Emma said…
I wish…I listened to everyone who said that on the day, the small stressful details just don’t matter. I am super Type A and really worried about a lot of the details. But that day, I had no idea about how some things went. But it didn’t matter. You are surrounded by all your favorite people who are there to celebrate you. THAT is what really mattered in the end.
One of my favorite moments was…walking down the aisle to Matt, and standing with him during the ceremony. I feel like we looked at each other differently in that moment than we ever had before. It sounds cheesy, but even after being together for years, our relationship felt different from that time on.
I’m glad that...I stuck to my guns! It’s easy to get swayed by other people’s opinions on how you should do your wedding—especially when it’s people you love and care about. But remembering that it is YOUR day is super important. It was hard for me to do, but in the end, I was so glad that I did it.
I really liked…being able to stay at the venue before and after the wedding with the bridal party and our families. It was so fun to get to spend time with out of town guests and friends.

Maine Vendors
Photography by Lex Nelson Photography
Venue: Hardy Farm, Fryeburg
Bartending: Maine Mixologist, Portland