Maine Wedding • Amanda & Dan • Brownfield

Posted: June 20, 2018

Amanda and Dan met in Boston at a bar outside of Fenway Park where they both worked. “It was both of our jobs in college,” Amanda says. “I was a cocktail server and Dan was a bouncer. He used to walk me to my car at the end of our shifts around 3 a.m. because he wanted to make sure I got there safely.” 
The couple are huge animal lovers; they have three cats. Dan decided to use them in his proposal. It was a Sunday afternoon and Amanda had just returned home to the couple’s shared apartment. “My cats ALWAYS greet me when I come home, but this time they didn’t,” she says. She walked in to the living room and saw her cat, Scout, sitting perfectly in the middle of the couch. “As I got a little closer to him, I saw something tied around his neck.” She quickly realized it was an engagement ring tied around his neck with a pink ribbon. “It was like he knew he was supposed to stay sitting there so perfectly and not move!” When she turned around Dan was down on one knee.
The couple chose to get married close to where Dan grew up in Maine. They love the outdoors and enjoy hiking and snowboarding, so when they saw the Stone Mountain Arts Center, they knew they had found the place. “SMAC, as the locals call it, is a place where, as soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re at home,” Amanda says. “Everyone there is your friend, even if you’ve never met them. It just has such good vibes!”
Dan and Amanda were wed in a Catholic church. “After the beautiful ceremony, the whole wedding party jumped in a party bus and made our way over to the Stone Mountain Arts Center,” Amanda says. They posed for some photos before joining the rest of the guests for dinner and dessert.
The couple wowed their guests by recreating the famous “lift scene” from the movie Dirty Dancing. “We didn’t even know we were going to do it until it was happening!” Amanda says. “Dan and his buddies were goofing around and pretending to do “the lift” from the moving almost our entire wedding day just to be funny. So we are all in the middle of the dance floor and all of Dan’s friends were lining up and running to Dan for the lift—which were not successful even though Dan is a big strong body builder guy. I thought to myself, it’s my day. I’m gonna get out there and have Dan lift me. And at that moment he knew he had to get serious because if he lifted me and dropped me, the night would have ended differently than we had planned. I gave him a moment to collect himself and get into position. I ran to him and he lifted me exactly like Johnny lifted Baby in the movie! It was the perfect moment and all of our guests cheered!”

In Her Words
We asked the bride more about her big day. Here’s what Amanda said…
I wish…I could redo the entire day over and over again. 
I didn’t realize…how much people would still be talking about our wedding even months after it had happened. Seriously, everyone is still raving about what a great day it was all around.
One of my favorite moments was…when the Best Man dropped the wedding bands as he was handing them to the priest. It was such good comic relief during what is normally a very serious moment.
I’m glad that…Dan and I were able to eat at our wedding! So many people I know that have gotten married tell me they were so busy all day they didn’t have a chance to eat. We made sure to take the time to eat as much as we wanted. 
I really liked…having all of our friends and family in one place at the same time to celebrate with us. It made for such a special day having everyone we know and love by our side supporting us.
My advice to other couples is…on the day of the wedding, just let go! All of the planning you have done will be so much more worth it if you just stop and really enjoy your day.

Maine Vendors
Photography by LAD Photography
Wedding Planner: Hannah Babineau at Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield
Venue: Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield
Florist: Moonset Farm, Porter
Dessert Donuts: The Holy Donut, Portland