Introducing: Tara & Trevor

Posted: March 27, 2014

By Tara Hill

I'm still asking Trevor to pinch me on a daily basis. We can't believe this dream is actually coming true. It feels like just yesterday that I met Melanie at the wedding expo in Boston and couldn't fathom such a contest even existed. Once I told Trevor we could get married in Maine his response was, "Where and when can we sign up?"
It has been quite a journey for the past couple months watching the voting, hours upon hours. A lot of family and friends put much effort into voting and spreading the word. I can't thank them enough for using their spare time and risking carpal tunnel to get us into the top three and keeping us in the game when the final week of voting arrived.
Trevor, my best friend Carolyn, my family, and I decided to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport the night before the big reveal. All of us had our computers lined up in our room and reached out to anyone we could to get as many last minute votes as possible. Once midnight struck, both a sense of relief and nervousness was felt amongst us all. It was up to the vendor votes to help decide which couple would be walking away with a fairytale wedding.
The next morning, Trevor’s family joined us and the rest of our families stayed in touch all day. We are very blessed to have such a strong support system and we knew no matter what the outcome was everyone would be there for each other.

Finally, the time had arrived and the winner was about to be announced. Up till this point I was controlling my nerves pretty well, or so I thought. Trevor whispered to me before it started, "No matter what, I still love you and can't wait to marry you." Just being able to hold his hand made standing in front of all those people and cameras a lot easier.
After our names were announced, I think my heart stopped for a minute. We were both such in a state of shock and you can clearly see it on our faces in the photos. I'm still laughing at those pictures! From that point on, the day became more of a blur. Within a matter of minutes we were being interviewed by a local radio station met some of the vendors and sponsors of the contest. We sat down with Christine and Melanie from Real Maine Weddings; Amber, our wedding planner from Sweetest Thing Weddings; and photographer Andree Kehn and discussed some of the planning. Classic Tuxedo even measured Trevor for his tux. We were trying to soak up every second of that day and it will most certainly be one we'll never forget.

We can't thank Real Maine Weddings and every sponsor involved enough for this once in a lifetime opportunity. It truly is a dream and Trevor and I are not ready to wake up. I'd also like to wish the best to the other finalist Randy and Alicia and Chad and Kasey. It was such a pleasure to have met them and I know they will live long and happy lives together.

Thank you everyone, Let the planning commence.


Photos by Andree Kehn Wedding Photography

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