Planning Day #3: Rings and Tuxes!

Posted: June 24, 2014

By Tara Hill

We recently had another beautiful day visiting Maine, and Trevor and I tackled more wedding decisions—wedding bands and tuxes! Upon arriving at Day's Jewelers in Auburn, Trevor made a comment about how excited he was to pick out his wedding ring. Up to this point, Trevor has made it a point with all our decisions that if I'm happy, he's happy. He’s such a sweetheart. I was looking forward to seeing the three rings he picked out for voting, but I was even more excited to watch him explore the options, ask questions, and learn about the one piece of jewelry he'll wear forever. Christine, from Real Maine Weddings, and our photographer, Andree Kehn, came along for the ride and to help us with the big decisions.
Walking into Day's Jewelers we were greeted by two beautiful ladies, Katie and Kelsey. They instantly made Trevor and I feel right at home and even more excited about picking out our rings. Their energy is fantastically contagious and I’m certain that anyone working with them is just as appreciative as we were. Before getting started, Katie led us in a toast to finding the perfect wedding bands that will symbolize now and forever.

Dan, another awesome Day's Jewelers team member, was there to walk us through the decision process. Dan was extremely knowledgeable about the different metals and explained to us in detail how to care for the rings long term. He made some great suggestions to which bands worked well my engagement ring, but let me try on my favorites, too. When Trevor was looking at some that interested him, Dan would compare and contrast them, making it easier for him to pick. Overall, choosing rings with this fun group was entertaining, educational, and a day we will never forget. Again, choosing three favorites was tough, but we have faith the public will pick the right pair for us!


Our other task for the day was picking out the tuxes for the groomsmen and Trevor. I think Josh from Classic Tuxedo read my mind when he brought the suit options. The color palates match perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses and the style of the suits will look awesome on all the groomsmen.
We met Josh back at the Freeport Bridal Show in March when Trevor and I were announced as the 2014 winners. Trevor was able to get measured right away, so all the suits Josh brought for Trevor to try on fit him comfortably. We are grateful Classic Tuxedo is suiting up the guys in October. Trevor says all the guys are going to look like studs. I have to agree!


Everything is coming together so quickly and I can’t believe all the planning that is already done! There will be a lot more voting taking place from now until October, and Trevor and I are thrilled to watch the details unfold. Four more months!

Photos by Andree Kehn Wedding Photography

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