Planning Day #6: Food, Rings, & Veil!

Posted: August 05, 2015

By Christina Quach

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day to be on the coast of Maine.
The Whitehall Inn is just a walk away from picturesque Camden Harbor. Luke has never been to the Whitehall Inn, and I haven’t been in years since my friend’s sister had her reception there. It has been completely renovated and the atmosphere is welcoming, charming, and fun. We were welcomed by Casey Jackson and talked about what the rehearsal dinner would look like. The culinary team at the Whitehall pride themselves on cooking with fresh local ingredients. Living in the Midcoast my family gets to enjoy fresh local food often, but Luke’s family and friends in and out of state are going to have another reason to want to visit more often. We loved the space, and our guests are really going to enjoy the rehearsal dinner.

Our next stop was the home studio of jeweler Etienne Perret. He showed us how he makes his stunning jewelry, and it was amazing seeing all the work that goes into handcrafting a ring. Etienne took a file to one of the ceramic rings he had designed to show us that they didn’t scratch. The custom made jewelry by Etienne is a very special addition to us. Rather than going into a store or ordering them online, we got to see exactly how they would be made, and it meant even more to us that it was a local Maine artist. Everyone will have the chance to vote on Luke’s wedding ring. We are excited for the public to see the different options and choose their favorite.  

Our last stop was at the Bangor Historical Society where we met with Risteen Bahr of Simply Sophisticated Hat Studio. My advice from my experience is to try on EVERYTHING. I fell in love with styles I never would have expected to look good on me. This was another very hard choice for me. I loved the headbands, hairpieces, and even considered a beautiful tiara Risteen brought with her. This decision felt harder than dress shopping— with veils, I liked everything! My decision came down to what I pictured wearing when I was a little girl. My favorite one Risteen created with my wedding dress in mind, and it was perfect. 

Our planning days have come to an end, and we continue to be more and more thankful every day that brings us closer to October 16. I hope my blogs throughout this amazing journey have highlighted the intimacy of Midcoast Maine. All aspects of our wedding have been so special to us because we have had the privilege of working one on one with so many passionate people. Everything is personalized in a way that can only be done by people who really care about doing the best for you. Growing up in Rockland I believe I have always been surrounded by the best of the best. When I talk to new people about where I am from, I always hear, “Oh, that area is beautiful.” I always hear beautiful. Put your trust in what these local businesses can do to make your special day perfect. You won’t be disappointed.
There are still aspects of the wedding to vote for so keep following the blog! 

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