Food Tastings for the Real Maine Wedding of the Year!

Posted: August 06, 2014
Last week my maid of honor Carolyn and I trucked it up to Bethel for the much anticipated food tastings! Unfortunately, Trevor wasn't able to make this trip, but Carolyn was more than excited to come in his place.


The first tasting was for our reception dinner at Sliders at Sunday River. Emily, the event coordinator for Sunday River, made sure everything Trev and I picked out to try was there, plus more! I have to say, picking out the dinner food was difficult because everything was so tasty. Each meal was also plated so beautifully. I’ve never seen so much food that was as delicious as it was visually tempting. I know everyone who can attend our wedding will be happy and satisfied. I just hope they aren’t too full to dance!


We also stopped in at The Bethel Inn where the lovely Tammy had some delightful cocktails and hors d'oeuvres ready for our indulgence. The public gets a chance to help us chose which drink everyone will be offered during our cocktail reception right after our ceremony at the Bethel Inn. I know you only get to see pictures of these fancy and tempting cocktails, but I can assure you they all taste just as good as they look! The hors d'oeuvres Trevor and I picked out to try were scrumptious. I wouldn't change any of our choices, and I think everyone will be pleased when they finally get to try everything.

I can't believe our wedding is only two short months away. Time is going by so fast! Trevor and I are ready to get up to Bethel and finally make it official. Everyone has been so helpful, supportive, and beyond generous to make our dream wedding a reality. I can't wait to see everything come together!

Photos by Carol Savage Photography
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