Planning Day #2: Midcoast Bound!

Posted: April 30, 2015


By Christina Quach

Our second planning day was amazing! Mark of Mark McCall Photography was with us all day to capture all of our stops. We pieced together most of the puzzle, and it all started at Wallace Events with Amber Small from Sweetest Thing Weddings.

Luke and I got to pick out some gorgeous navy linens and striped runners for the tables. That was the easy part. Tammy from Wallace Events helped us understand how our choices would look at the reception. Luke and I pictured the space in the tent at the reception, and we picked out the glassware and china to fit the nautical theme and space. We picked our three favorite chargers to be voted on, and we can’t wait to find out which one you all choose! From there we could picture each table’s setting, and it is going to be gorgeous!


After stopping for lunch we took the opportunity to check out the ceremony space at the Camden Ampitheatre. It started to rain on our way there, so we didn’t spend too much time in the space. As usual, I wore the wrong shoes and forgot a jacket, so Luke had to give me a piggyback up the steps so my socks would not get soaked. The location is absolutely gorgeous, and in the fall, with all the colorful leaves overlooking the harbor, it will look even more beautiful. There are many ways to use the space for the ceremony, so we pictured October 16th in our heads and how each entrance would look. We decided I would enter from the library and walk down the picturesque staircase and get married to the man of my dreams.


Our next stop was at Hoboken Gardens in Rockport to pick out flowers for the ceremony and reception. With most things we are quick shoppers. So far the hardest thing for me has been choosing flowers. I absolutely love flowers so I was thinking picking out a bouquet would be easy, but there’s a lot more to it than just putting all the flowers that you love together. You also have to consider what is available that time of year. Lisa and Sharon were awesome at making suggestions while always keeping what I loved at the forefront. We saw some arrangements that had been created prior to our arrival, and they were lovely and perfect for the nautical chic theme. We discussed everything from centerpieces to bouquets to boutonnieres to ceremony arrangements. The shop cat, Hobo, hung out with us and voiced his approval!


Another place overflowing with wonderful was Seasons Downeast Designs. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but anything you need for an event is inside that shop. We looked around until we had some ideas of what we loved and thought would look good at the welcome party and rehearsal dinner events. Anna came up with a great idea to do a garland with herbs rather than a centerpiece for the welcome party at The Norumbega Inn. The floral arrangements at our rehearsal dinner at the Whitehall will be rustic, with birch bark vases and tall candles. The fun thing about planning the other two parties was that we got to design it completely different than the way we designed the ceremony and reception. Three completely different looks that are all so unique and wonderful!


The last stop of the day was at Maine Coast Weddings & Special Events in Rockport. Since this meeting was all about the guys, Luke decided to write the next paragraph of this blog post!

We arrived at Maine Coast Weddings & Special Events to have my groomsmen fitted for their tuxes. The guys were right at home with all the sports memorabilia and ESPN SportsCenter being played on the television. I got to try on some of the tux ideas they had for me. I can’t remember the last time that I wore a tuxedo. It was a great feeling putting on the great color choices they had chosen for me and I had a lot of options to choose from when it came to choosing the tie I’ll wear, as well as what the groomsmen will wear. With the help of my beautiful bride to be, my groomsmen, Linda, and Kristen we were to able narrow down the choices to the two that will be voted on by the public. It was a great way to end an eventful day of wedding planning.

Photos by Mark McCall Photography

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