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Posted: March 13, 2017

Carol Sullivan, owner of Fox Run Studios, is a Maine Silk Artist who creates one-of-a-kind, bespoke, hand-dyed silk art with a myriad of uses for your wedding. Carol has been creating art on fabric for nearly 40 years and has specialized in silk for the past four years. Her color palette is virtually infinite and can match yours for whatever use you choose. 
For your special wedding day there are a variety of applications for hand-dyed silks. They can be worn by the bridesmaids as scarves or “floats”; made into pole banners, hanging banners (dyes are weatherproof!), or prayer flags for decorating an outdoor ceremony area; table runners or yardage to drape for the table settings. Carol can create a special heirloom wedding scarf that incorporates family crests from the bride and groom and one they create on their own (see photo)—this would be used in a classic handfast ceremony. She can also make special gifts for the wedding party—women get scarves or floats and men get pocket squares. 
The benefits of using these hand-dyed silks is that they can be repurposed after the wedding. Of course, wearables will remain wearable! But banners, table decorations, and the like can be integrated into your life at home many different ways. This is not a one-time-use consideration! 
One of Carol’s most popular themes is the Maine Coast—perfect for your Island Wedding! From lobsters to landscapes and seascapes, the designs are varied and colors are flexible. Designs can be literal or they can be pure color statements. Browse through the photos to get some ideas and then let’s chat about how we can incorporate Carol Sullivan’s hand-dyed silks into your spectacular Island wedding this fall. Congratulations!
Learn more by contacting Carol Sullivan at / 207.864.3640 (studio) 207.670.8424 (cell)
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