Maine Wedding • Donna & Ginger • Bath

Posted: September 18, 2013

Donna and Ginger, who live in Texas, teach golf at the high school level. It's fitting that they met playing the sport that they love.

A group of mutual friends spent one summer getting together on a weekly basis to play golf. Donna and Ginger were paired together during one of these outings, and had a blast playing together. “We kept coming back to golf every week and oddly enough we kept getting grouped together,” Ginger says. “I think our friends had a plan.” After about 6 weeks of weekly golf games, the couple finally started dating and they’ve never looked back.

Since Donna and Ginger are both teachers, and they like to travel, they take grand trips in the summertime. During a 2012 summer trip the duo headed to the Rocky Mountains. Their first big stop on their road trip was in Taos, New Mexico. Ginger and Donna went on a hike, spending the afternoon picnicking, bouldering, enjoying the scenery, and watching their dog chase chipmunks. “Toward the end of the afternoon, I had her walk with me past the lake to a waterfall,” Ginger says. “As she stood there admiring the waterfall, I got down on one knee and produced the ring. I told her she was the best thing that ever happened to me and nothing would make me happier than spending our lives together—would she marry me?” She said Yes!


When considering their next big summer trip, they decided on New England. Neither of the women had spent much time on the East Coast, and they thought it would be a good place to build new memories. “We also knew we would have lots of choices to legally wed in New England,” Ginger says.

Donna, who always wanted to get married on the water, had a cousin who had recently moved to Bath, Maine the previous year. The close proximity to Boston and the ease that afforded their out-of-state guests sealed the deal. The couple rented a cottage for a week and set out to create a weekend get-a-way for their family and friends, who pitched in to make the DIY weekend wedding event a huge success. Donna’s brother even donned sunglasses and played the role of bouncer so that no one would see Donna and Ginger in their dresses before the ceremony.

The couple walked down the aisle to “I’d Love to be Your Last” by Gretchen Wilson under a beautiful blue sky. “Donna and I faced each other and journeyed through our ceremony as you do other important moments in life, half trying to focus on and absorb the littlest details of each second, but also feeling as if you are in a dream and it’s all flying by so quickly you can’t quite capture it in memory,” Ginger says.

After the ceremony, the group moved into the cottage for champagne and toasts before Donna and Ginger escaped for a photo session with their photographer, Angie Devenney. While they were away, their family and friends were dutifully setting up tables and chairs for their very Maine lobster bake.

“It was the best day of our lives,” Ginger says. “It was so wonderful to be surrounded by and supported by loved ones. We could not have asked for more.”


In Their Words
We asked Ginger more about her wedding day. Here’s what she said…

I wish…we could bottle up that day and pour out little bits throughout our lives.

I’m glad that…we traveled to Maine and legalized our marriage.

I really liked…how everyone was so friendly and welcoming in Bath.

My advice to other couples is…don’t ever take each other for granted and make each other laugh everyday!


Maine Vendors
Photography by Angie Devenney Photography
Catering: Gilmore’s Seafoods, Bath
Hair: Crystal at Centre Street Hair Studio, Bath
Baker: Mae’s Cafe & Bakery, Bath