Maine Wedding • Kristen & Andrew • Windsor

Posted: November 02, 2016

Kristen and Andrew met at a birthday party and became instant friends. “We had so much in common and couldn’t stop chatting,” Kristen says. “Our families had always been friends, but we just never really met!” 
Kristen’s daughter, Olivia, instantly loved Andrew, which made their courtship that much more special. “We created a family and it was easy to see that we were all meant to be,” Kristen says.
After getting the blessing from Kristen’s parents, Andrew started planning his proposal. “Some of her best memories originate from her father’s camp in Moosehead, so I figured that would be a great place,” Andrew says. He coordinated with their families to meet in Greenville for the second weekend in October. 
Andrew didn’t sleep much that first night at camp. His plan was to propose during a morning walk—but getting her to leave the cozy cabin filled with family wasn’t easy. “I remember asking her several times, ‘Would you like to take your coffee and go for a walk? It’s really nice outside,’ and of course she’d answer, ‘No, that’s ok. I’m comfy here. You go ahead though!’ After about an hour and some persuasion from our families, we made it outside,” Andrew says. “When I popped the question, the reaction was well worth the trouble—and so was the answer.”
Kristen and Andrew both grew up in central Maine, so having a wedding close to home was an easy decision. The ceremony and reception took place on Kristen’s dad’s family farm in Windsor, Maine. “We were married under a cedar arbor that our parents made, standing on the edge of a hill overlooking a pond,” Kristen says. The majority of the festivities took place inside the post and beam barn. 
“Our theme was a blend of rustic, shabby chic, and vintage,” Kristen says. “This was entirely put together by us and our families. We spent weeks and weeks prepping and decorating the barn and the property, using furniture, rugs, and décor from my family’s collection of antiques and heirlooms.” Kristen’s dad created a chandelier out of an old wagon wheel and strung it with Edison bulbs. They attached their initials to an old ox bow that belonged to Andrew’s great grandfather, hanging it in the barn. “We repurposed a lot of items to create our theme, including an old ringer washer tub to hold our beer keg! We spent weeks refinishing old slabs of wood to use as bar tables and whiskey barrels for the table legs. All of the centerpieces were put in antique glass bottles that I salvaged from numerous wood crates in the family barn.”
Kristen’s family owns Hussey’s General Store, and she manages the bridal department. “I was lucky to have access to so many great items through the store,” she says. “I didn’t need to venture far to get what I needed!” 
The couple’s wedding day began very early with last minute decorative touches in the barn. Guests sat on hay bales while witnessing Kristen and Andrew’s heartfelt ceremony. They wrote their vows themselves and Andrew’s best friend acted as their officiant. 
After the ceremony, guests enjoyed live music at the cocktail hour while the couple snuck away for some photos. “We had several places we wanted to be photographed that were meaningful to us,” Kristen says. “We took a photo under my family’s store sign, which is famous for its slogan: Guns, Beer, Wedding Gowns! The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and dancing.”

In Her Words
We asked the bride more about the big day. Here’s what Kristen said…
I wish…the wedding could have lasted longer so we could really take everything in and enjoy it.
I didn’t realize…how much work it would be to put on a complete DIY wedding, but it was well worth it!
One of my favorite moments was…observing our guests laughing, dancing, and enjoying themselves alongside us on our special day.
I’m glad that…we got married in 8 months. We did everything we dreamed and envisioned for our wedding day, but didn’t go overboard or get overly caught up in the planning process.
I really liked…our wedding theme and décor, which was unique and completely our style!
My advice to other couples is…to take time to pause and enjoy each moment. It is going to go by in a flash, so make sure you have extra photos and video taken. You will be thankful that you did!

Maine Vendors
Photography by Courtney Elizabeth
Wedding Gown: Hussey’s Bridal & Formal, Windsor
Wedding Rings: Day’s Jewelers
Floral Arrangements: Debbie Dinsmore at Branch Pond Flowers & Gifts, Palermo
Hair and Makeup: Sonia Jacques from Designs by Sonia, Skowhegan
Baker: The Bankery, Skowhegan
Entertainment: The Martinis, Mt. Vernon