Maine Wedding • Kara & Jeff • Fryeburg

Posted: May 23, 2018

When Kara signed up for a Web Design and Development class in 2013, little did she know she’d end up marrying her teacher…but that’s exactly what happened. Jeff asked Kara out after she turned in her final assignment…and earned an A.
“Jeff was my teacher, so it was hard for me to predict his age,” Kara says. “He seemed much more mature than me, so I had assumed he was a good bit older and I hadn’t really entertained any romantic possibilities.” When he emailed Kara asking her out on a date, she didn’t see it coming…but she agreed. 
“I knew Kara was someone I would very possibly end up with from the very beginning, but it’s all the little confirmations along the way that kept me from ever doubting what a great match we are,” Jeff says. Not only do they share interests in books, outdoors, and cooking, but they love doing those things together. 
“Jeff has always challenged me and made me feel like our relationship is something we should continue to grow and improve,” Kara says. “He makes me happy and fulfilled in ways I didn’t realize were possible.”
Kara and Jeff are both web developers and now work for the same Cambridge-based tech company. Avid hikers, Jeff decided to propose during a getaway for their third anniversary. The couple had rented a cottage on Moose Pond in Denmark, Maine. After summiting Pleasant Mountain, Jeff stopped to take a photo while Kara sat on a rock to wait. It was there that Jeff proposed with a beautifully unique ring. 
The couple set out to plan a wedding in Maine in December. The winter ambiance provided décor and mood for the celebration and the not to Christmas at Hardy Farm was a lovely touch. Kara grew up in Maine and the couple still visits Portland regularly. It was important to them to lure all of their friends and family to their special place. 

Kara walked down the aisle to live music played by a friend, and the couple were married by another friend acting as the officiant. Kara borrowed her veil from her sister, Kelly, making the ceremony truly memorable. 
Jeff and Kara created their own music list, and danced their first dance to a Leonard Cohen ballad. Guests enjoyed cake and Christmas cookies and had fun in the photo booth all night long.

In Her Words
We asked the bride more about her big day. Here’s what Kara said…
I wish…we had gotten a little bit of snow…for the photos.
I didn’t realize…how quickly it was all going to end. Everyone warns you of that, but you don’t really know until you experience it yourself.
One of my favorite moments was…the ceremony. We put a lot of effort into the music, the ceremony script, and our own vows. It turned out to be a really poignant, romantic few minutes that I don’t think we’ll ever forget.
I’m glad that…everyone we loved was in one place for one night. It was really fun to see our friends, family, and coworkers intermingling in interesting ways.
My advice to other couples is…definitely don’t let other people make decisions for you. This is your day…it should reflect your tastes, interests, and personalities. It’s easy to let other people take the reins, but it’s really rewarding when you look around on the day of your wedding and say to yourself, “Wow…this feels like US.”

Maine Vendors
Wedding Planner & Rentals: A Family Affair of Maine
Venue: Hardy Farm, Fryeburg
Hair Stylist: Colleen of Aphrodite Salon, Portland
Makeup Artist: Brenda of Adore Rouge, Portland
Bartending: Maine Mixologist, Portland