Maine Wedding • Suzanne & Sandi • Cape Rosier

Posted: February 11, 2015

Sandi and Suzanne had been together for 14 years and had two beautiful daughters before they tied the knot.

Their engagement, Suzanne says, isn’t an incredibly romantic story. “We have a couple of 3-inch binders securing our legal and financial relationship to each other. We endured two very heated, public votes—one that failed and one that succeeded—giving us the right to marry. There wasn’t an actual proposal, more like an inevitable, ‘Finally!’”

Suzanne and Sandi’s wedding celebration was less about looking toward a future to be built together, and more about honoring and celebrating what they had already built. Sandi is from Beals and Suzanne is from Camden—getting married in their homestate of Maine was important to them. “Summer in Maine—what could be more beautiful?” Suzanne says.

The couple knew that they were either going to have a very big wedding or a very small one. In the end, they decided that a big wedding just wasn’t for them. “We had been in the public light throughout the marriage campaign, had endless conversations defending our love and rights, and we knew that our actual wedding needed to be a private celebration,” Suzanne says.

They decided to keep their wedding a secret, which wasn’t easy, especially for their children! They rented a remote oceanfront estate for a week that was large enough for both families to come and stay. Their wedding was held on a Tuesday afternoon. “It was absolutely perfect,” Suzanne says. “Intimate, relaxed, and private.”

Suzanne and Sandi relied on their loved ones to help pitch in on their wedding day. “Everyone had a job, which allowed us to just relax, have a drink, and soak it all in,” Suzanne says. “There was no rush, no stress, no last minute details to concern ourselves with.” The couple were married by friends and spent some time with photographer Mark McCall post-ceremony while their loved ones got all of the food and tables ready.

“In every way, our wedding exceeded all of my expectations,” Suzanne says. “I have never experienced a day so soaked with love from beginning to end!”


In Her Words
We asked Suzanne more about the big day. Here’s what she said…

I didn’t realize…that I wasn’t prepared for the amount of love that was around that day. It was the most magical day I’ve ever experienced in the way that everyone was transformed by the moments of love we all shared together. It was a beautiful think to watch our families and dearest friends knit themselves together as we shared such treasured and blessed moments.

One of my favorite moments was…reading our vows. Sandi and I don’t believe in the fairy tale promises of happily ever after or “because I love you everything will be easy breezy.” We believe more in the down and dirty love, of love being the gateway to the greatest opportunity to grow and evolve as individuals and as a partnership. When we read our vows to each other, which we had written and not shared ahead of time, I was amazed by the parallels between them. The references to walking together through light and dark, for loving all that is pretty and not so pretty in each other, for choosing to journey together in this life, not with the promise of permanence or perfection, but with the promise of sharing our broken places, to work and grow together, and to live a life of love. This, to us, is the spiritual marriage we have already built and which our ceremony was just acknowledging and celebrating.

That and doing the “rock, paper, scissors” to see who would walk down the aisle first.

I really liked…that we made our wedding into a several day event rather than a handful of hours. Having accommodations for our families meant that we go tot thoroughly enjoy everyone for several days.


Maine Vendors
Photography by Mark McCall Photography
Hair & Makeup: Melissa Grindle from Motifs Hair Salon, Ellsworth
Wedding rings: Day’s Jewelers