Kate Michaud Photography

Posted: September 23, 2015
Kate Michaud is a photographer, innkeeper, and all around wonderful person. Get the inside scoop on her wedding photography style and what inspires her.

How did you get started in photography?
Well, it's a bit of a funny story. I headed off to college in the pre-medical program until I signed up for a traditional film photography class with a darkroom lab to fill an art mode. By the end of that course, I was teaching the lab portion and changing my major! There was nothing as magical as late evenings developing film in the darkroom. I've been creating photographs for about five years now and I don't intend to stop! I think it's fair to say I fell head over heels. 
What do you love about wedding photography?
I'm quite sure it's how you get to know your couple and see it unfold into this beautiful celebration. As a wedding photographer, I get to hear about everything—from their first date to proposal and all the laughter, experience, and joy in between. To me, it is such a privilege to be the one a couple trusts to recognize the little things in their wedding day that make it theirs, and capture it so they can relive their story over and over.  
What is the biggest challenge you face when shooting a wedding?
I think it's a mix of how long and busy the day can be. When I'm photographing a wedding, I'm easily working 8-14 hours nonstop. It can be a bit exhausting, but the silver lining is at the end of the day, I've had so much fun that I don't mind!
What should clients know about your style of photography?
I would say the closest way to describe my style is documentary, which in my mind is photographing in a way that is the most truthful representation. Also, it's good to know that I adore natural light and laughter.
When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
I am the manager of a wedding venue and an innkeeper, which takes up most of my time when I'm not photographing. However, when I'm not doing either of those jobs or photographing, I love attempting DIY projects, playing with my rambunctious dog, and exploring new places. 
How can the couple help YOU on their wedding day?
We spend plenty of time talking details, chatting about how you're envisioning your day, and planning out a timeline, so on the day of your wedding, enjoy yourself! Soak in every minute and know I'm doing everything I can to capture your day.
How has your photography style changed over the years? 
Over the years I have been inspired by other photographers and it pushed me to become more adventurous and resourceful during my photo sessions and during weddings. 
What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
Early morning fog, historical buildings, glowing natural light, and laughter! I can't see any of those things and not stop what I'm doing to take a photo. Along with that, my family is full of wonderful (and hysterical) individuals who put up with my constant desire to photograph them, especially when I want to try new projects! 
Where will your business be in the next 5 years?
I plan to still be photographing! I know that I plan to have a full studio on property in five years but honestly, I'm just very excited to see where my photography journey takes me - wherever that may be!