Rene Minnis Photography

Posted: March 09, 2012

Rene Minnis changed her major from art education to photography in college, and many happy brides and grooms benefited from that one decision.

How did you get started in photography?
My photography professor in college, Bernard Meyers, gave me some names of commercial photographers in Portland I could possibly work for after graduation. I followed up on his suggestion and spent several years learning and working in bigger studios while building my own business. I am very grateful to have had such wonderful mentors.

What do you love about wedding photography?
I'm happiest when I know I just captured a perfect moment that can now be relived again and again by viewing the photograph. Special moments pass us by every day, almost before we realize they are happening. A photograph is the closest thing we have to saving that time, or feeling forever.

What should clients know about your style of photography?
I capture moments as they unfold. I am all about the action! You wont find me asking you to pose in front of the cake or look at me while you're dancing. I want to photograph that real moment of you laughing while you dance with your dad, or the sleeping child on Grandma’s lap.

I spend a lot time capturing photographs of the venue, decor, favors, dress, flowers, etc. For the bride and groom I like to come up with images that are creative yet natural and fit my couples personality. I'll help you along into poses that look as though you "just happened to be doing that".

When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
Some of my favorite ways to spend my time include knitting, relaxing with friends and my husband, playing with my dog, going to the ocean (or any body of water), singing loudly to 80's music, browsing Pinterest, and hunting for treasures at local vintage/antique stores.

How can a couple help YOU on their wedding day?
The biggest help is having a face-to-face wedding consultation prior to your wedding day. Then we get to know each other and discuss your plans. I find being organized is very helpful. I make lists and family trees to help with this. I really only have two requests. One: Have fun! You have planned all you can, now enjoy! Two: During your rehearsal, be sure to tell your family and wedding party the meeting place/time for formal photographs so my assistant doesn't have to go round them up from the bar.

What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
I really love the shapes of shadows in environments both natural and urban. I like the graphic quality that can be created by juxtaposing solid objects and shadows. Children are inspiring. I could just following them around all day capturing how they interact with the world. They are the most beautiful when they don't know you are watching them.

Where will your business be in the next five years?
I plan on staying here in Maine—creating photographs that make portrait and wedding clients smile and that help people market their businesses. Perhaps by then I might have a couple of employees to help me out with all my editing!