LAD Photography

Posted: July 06, 2012
Lauren DelVecchio is the woman behind Farmingdale-based LAD Photography. Her talent and creativity was fostered as a young child, and she started her own photography business in 2004. We asked her some questions about her business and here are her answers...
How did you get started in photography?
I was always the artist in the family, and was voted most artistic in my senior year in high school. At age 10 my father gave me a point and shoot camera as a gift (does anyone remember disc film?) and I have been into photography ever since! My husband bought me my first pro camera in 2004 as a Christmas gift in support of my wish to start my own business, and I chose weddings as my specialty. I love weddings, and have helped many of my friends and family plan parts of their own weddings, so I figured to photograph them would be a perfect fit for me.

What's the biggest challenge you face as a wedding photographer?
Time. When I get the couple alone for some great creative shots, I could go for hours.  I wish the cocktail hour was actually a cocktail four hours! This is why I particularly like Mess The Dress photography sessions (sometimes called "Day After" sessions).  In Mess the Dress sessions we have all the time we need to get truly inspired shots without the worry of grass stains or dust marks on the dress, plus the location options are unlimited and you can get really creative—like wading out into water, running through a field, or wandering the back alleys of Portland!
What should clients know about your style of photography?
Every couple is special, and they share places, hobbies, and ideas that are personal to them. I try to find a way in my photos to tell who they are as a couple and not just produce cookie-cutter photography. As a wedding photographer I am unobtrusive, friendly, and energetic. I also work well with other vendors (i.e. videographers, officiants, DJs, etc.) to ensure that we all come together to make the day special. My photographs capture the romance and beauty of the smallest moments, as well as the excitement and emotion of the major events of the day.
When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
I love taking long drives in the summer with the windows down and getting lost—thank goodness for GPS to find my way back! I see such wonderful places that give me ideas for photos.
How can the couple help YOU on their wedding day?
I always schedule a final consultation with the bride and groom a month or so before the wedding. Not just a sit-down to go over final plans, but a walk-around at the actual locations we will be at on the day of the wedding. It helps me get a feel for the area and scope out the best places for photos so we're not wasting time the day of the wedding looking for that perfect spot, and it also helps the couple feel better about the plans for their big day.  
Couples can definitely help me on their wedding day by paying attention to all the little hints I have for them during the final consultation, and by not underestimating the amount of time they need for their wedding day. There is no way to photograph the bride getting ready, the ceremony, special photos during the cocktail hour, and the reception in only 4 hours!
What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
I am inspired by anything that looks out of place or that makes you want to know the story behind it. A single flower in a field of grass. A bride and groom in the middle of the woods or barefoot on a beach, playing pool, or tagging a wall of graffiti. One of my favorite photos, which you can see on my website, is of a cement staircase sitting in the middle of a field in the middle of the woods in West Bath. The house fell and rotted long ago, but the front steps still remained.