Two Adventurous Souls

Posted: December 14, 2016

Brittany and Dean Bugaj have a ton of fun photographing their Two Adventurous Souls wedding clients. Read more about their business, philosophy, and love of tacos from Brittany herself!

How did you get started in photography?
My father always had cameras around so he's what really got me into it. I have boxes upon boxes of prints and negatives from growing up. I seem to always have a camera. I went on to major in art in college.
What do you love about wedding photography?
Dean and I love the challenge of weddings. There's always something new, different lighting, different weather-even if it's at a venue we've worked at 100 times-we always try to find new and different ways to photograph our couples.
What is the biggest challenge you face when shooting a wedding?
Time! We really encourage our couples to build in a buffer with all of their events of the day. Our packages are full-day coverage, so there's no need to rush between things. Everyone says their wedding day passes so quickly, and we don't want them rushing through things or from place to place. If you're stressed, it'll show in the photos.
What should clients know about your style of photography?
Dean and I approach weddings in a storytelling manner. That means we spend the day capturing the day how it unfolds, candidly. We do light posing during the formals-which means we pose your family formals and then give you light direction for posing during your couples portraits. Our main goal is to show in our photos how your day feels so we aim to get natural smiles, laughs, and expressions instead of "stand here and smile" during those formals.
When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
Eat tacos. It's no coincidence our local taco joint starts $2 Taco Tuesdays about the same time our season ends. We are also currently working on expanding our season to capture weddings in Costa Rica and surrounding destination areas, so we won't really have any down time! We will be doing a lot of traveling with our two kids.
How can the couple help YOU on their wedding day?
We just want our couples to relax! As I said before, if you're stressed, it will show in your pictures. Trust us to get the very best images from your day and we want our couples to relax and enjoy the moments!
How has your photography style changed over the years? 
When I first started, I was a solo photographer. Then Dean joined me and I think our style has evolved to show that. We work really seamlessly together, especially on creative lighting and getting genuine expressions from our clients. We're goofy together, so I think that pulls out the fun and playful side of our clients.
What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
Pretty much anything! We have two young daughters, so I'm living a lot in their fantasy world. Every time they see a movie or something where they want to play pretend, I'm thinking of ways to make that come to life in photographs. It's been fun living through their imaginations and it's spawned a lot of personal projects.
Where will your business be in the next 5 years?
Hopefully we will be fully split between Maine and Costa Rica covering January-April there and May-December here.

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