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Posted: April 28, 2015

Patricia Takacs from Kivalo Photography fell into the wedding photography industry by chance. Her skill, work ethic, and personality make all of her clients feel supremely lucky!

How did you get started in photography?
When I went to graduate school to become an architect I bought my first camera. It turned out I was horrible at designing buildings but great with a camera. When I realized this I made a move to New York to be a nanny and was taking pictures as a hobby at the time. I met a wonderful wedding photographer working in NYC and I interned with him for a few weddings. I fell in love with weddings and moved back to Maine to begin my business. In my first few years I second shot a lot to learn as much as I could about weddings and continued to study and practice as much as possible.

What do you love about wedding photography?
There is so much to love about wedding photography! I get to meet new people and go to new places and capture real life as it happens. What is not to love?

What is the biggest challenge you face when shooting a wedding?
I think my greatest challenge while photographing a wedding is racing the clock. There are a lot of images I aim to take on a wedding day and my goal is always to capture images the couple along with their friends and family. They have a limited amount of time to enjoy their guests, so I have to work very quickly to ensue they get to mingle with them all.

What should clients know about your style of photography?
My style is a combination of photojournalism and editorial—I like to say that where those two meet I capture authentic love. The combination of real moments and editorial portraiture allows me to watch the relationships and capture their story.  

When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
When I am not behind the camera or the computer I like to travel, cook, spend time with my friends, and watch my favorite TV shows cuddled up with my other half.

How can the couple help YOU on their wedding day?
It is always wonderful when the client has taken the time to set aside their details for me to photograph ahead of time. It is so much fun to have an entire invitation suite to photograph, a long flowing veil, gorgeous shoes, perfume, and her jewelry. I think it is equally exciting to photograph the men’s details….shoes, tie, cufflinks, belt, watch, and cologne. It just gets me warmed up for the day and allows my creativity to build.  

How has your photography style changed over the years?
I think the best photographers are always evolving—I continually try to educate myself and create the best photographs of the wedding day. Always striving to capture a better image than before and make something new and extraordinary each weekend pushes you to look at things differently and not become stagnant. My style has become more editorial over the years, and now I am mastering how to weave the authentic moments into that.   

What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
There are many things that inspire me but more than anything else my Dad does. He was my greatest champion and always pushed me to be the best I can be.
I am also inspired by laughter and travel. I am continually drawn to make images because a photograph tells a story and everyone’s take on that story in the photograph is different.

Where will your business be in the next 5 years?
In the next five years I would like to continue to photograph amazing weddings in Maine as well as building my name as a destination wedding photographer, capturing more weddings around the world.

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