Jesse C. Photography

Posted: April 12, 2013

Jesse Carter is a busy mom of four who revels in wedding photography.

How did you get started in photography?
A few years ago a near death experience put my entire life into perspective it changed everything about me and who I was, how I viewed life and how I planned on living. I learned to live every single day like its my last, I teach my children to do the same. I set on a path to pursue a passion I had always place on the back burner due to raising my family—that was photography.

I bought my very first camera, read every book, watched every video I could possibly get my hands onto at the time. I started to photograph my children and it took off from there. With my Mothers encouragement and my children's blessing I started my very own business. I worked until my thumbs had blisters on them and my feet ached. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again in heartbeat. Why? Because I love what I do, in every way possible!

What do you love about wedding photography?
I love everything about weddings! I want to know your parents names, your sisters/brothers names, what color are their dresses/tuxes, what are your favors, music, food…I truly love everything right down to smallest detail. If you need help, ask! I pin everything on Pinterest to share with my up coming weddings clients for inspiration. Favors, cakes, color palates galore! I know many vendors and only recommended ones I know personally. Its when I know all of these details it helps me translate your story into a photograph. The more details I know, more content it gives me to tell your story.
What is the biggest challenge you face when shooting a wedding?
The biggest challenge is post ceremony and pre-reception. Keeping folks gathered in one area can prove to be a challenge. Everyone is so excited then tend to dart for a quick refreshment and never return.

What should clients know about your style of photography?
My first love is photographing emotional, sweet moments. I will capture Dad’s tear sliding down his cheek, remembering when his little girl that was once so tiny her hand would fit inside his palm. I will photograph when Mom tucks her face into her sons shoulder remembering this is the last time she will call her son all her own. It’s those moments I believe you should see in your photo album.

My second love is creating fine art, I love to set up props, creating unique ideas that presents a photographic centerpiece to displayed in your home. I always include traditional family formal shots for parents and extended family as well. Its creates a well- rounded wedding collection of images.

When you're not behind the camera, what do you like to do?
I am a mother to four awesome children Riley, Mason, Colton, and Piper, ages spanning from four to eleven, and the wife to one of the hardest working men I know, Todd. You will find us on a wrestling mat, or a soccer, football or lacrosse field! We love our hunting, fishing, snowshoeing and all that the Maine outdoors has to offer sportsmen in our off time. Family is and always will be everything in my book.

How can the couple help YOU on their wedding day?
Relax, breathe, and enjoy your day! It is a whirlwind and will be over before you know it. The more you do those little things the more content I have to offer you!

How has your photography style changed over the years?
I have become more confident in what I do, I am not afraid to get the shot and work hard at it until I do. I know when my clients book me its for a specific look and style. That’s what I am going to produce for you the best possible way I know how.

What sorts of things inspire you when you pick up your camera?
Old love between a aging couple, happiness, complicated stories, deep bellied laughs, terrible weather, weathered hands, rock and roll music, and all the neat things that makes life interesting.?

Where will your business be in the next 5 years?
I have every intention of traveling out of state for weddings. I have left Maine only a few times in my life, and I plan to do more of it by photographing weddings with my camera in hand and few colleagues in tow. I want produce images for clients that are looking for my specific style of photography. If an opportunity arose to document a behind the scenes at a concert, I would jump at it! The energy from a crowd of people must be amazing to photograph!