Catherine J. Gross Photography

Catherine Gross is a lover of light. She uses it to help dictate her style. | May 16, 2018

Perle Photography

Meghan Benner, owner of Perle Photography, told us a little about her life and photography inspiration. Read on... | May 02, 2018

Autumn Bliss Photography

Autumn Wells, the owner of Autumn Bliss Photography, has married her love of photography and entrepreneurship into a successful Maine business. | April 25, 2018

Cassandra Henri Photography

Cassandra Henri Photography focuses on the tiny moments throughout your wedding day. | February 28, 2018

Jessie Dineen Photography

When Jessie Dineen isn't photographing happy couples she's enjoing the great state of Maine with her family! | February 21, 2018

Andrew Davis Photography

Andrew Davis is all about capturing people's reactions. That's what makes him a passionate Maine wedding photographer! | January 24, 2018

SP Films

Nora McCormack is the lady behind the lens of SP Films. Read on to find out what makes her love filming love stories so gosh darn much! | March 29, 2017

Two Adventurous Souls

Brittany and Dean Bugaj have a ton of fun photographing their Two Adventurous Souls wedding clients. Read more about their business, philosophy, and love of tacos from Brittany herself!

Global Administrator | December 14, 2016

Sharyn Peavey Photography

Sharyn Peavey's love of art began at a young age. Her style and personality shine through her creative and compelling photography work.

Global Administrator | November 30, 2016

Casey Durgin Photography

Casey from Casey Durgin Photography is inspired by love and light. Read on to learn about this fabulous southern Maine photographer!

Global Administrator | November 23, 2016

A.Fogarty Photography

Amanda Fogarty turned her hobby into a business—A.Fogarty Photography. Find out more about her style and passions in this Q&A.

Global Administrator | October 26, 2016

Rebecca Richards Photography

Rebecca Richards fell into photograph by accident. But now she has no doubt that it was her calling all along.

Global Administrator | September 21, 2016

Jamie Mercurio Photography

Jamie Mercurio blends the look of fine art photography and film to create stunning images for her wedding couples.

Global Administrator | August 31, 2016

Leah Fisher Photography

Leah Fisher Arsenault used her background in art direction to start her photography business. A stint at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies paved the way for Leah Fisher Photography.

Global Administrator | August 03, 2016

Closer North

Erica Leighton from Closer North Photography is ultimately inspired by love. It's that passion that makes her such a compelling wedding photographer

Global Administrator | July 13, 2016

She of the Woods

Ashley Jardim, the woman behind She of the Woods, isn't your typical wedding photographer. And that's just how she likes it.

Global Administrator | July 06, 2016

Andree Kehn Wedding Photography

Andree Kehn is behind the camera A LOT! Whether it's capturing a wedding or on assignment for the Sun Journal, she's usually got a camera in hand. 

Global Administrator | June 22, 2016

Trina Dinnar Photography

Trina Dinnar runs her photography business in Old Orchard Beach. When she's not behind the camera you can find her enjoying the great outdoors with her daughter.

Global Administrator | February 17, 2016

Haley J Photography

Haley Johnston's love of photography started at an early age. She started her business—Haley J Photography—in college and it's grown by leaps and bounds!

Global Administrator | December 02, 2015

Kate Michaud Photography

Kate Michaud is a photographer, innkeeper, and all around wonderful person. Get the inside scoop on her wedding photography style and what inspires her.

Global Administrator | September 23, 2015

Lexi Lowell Photography

Lexi and Matt, from Lexi Lowell Photography, are a husband and wife team specializing in weddings and engagements. They bring a couple's perspective to everything they do.

Global Administrator | June 30, 2015

Hailey Tash Photography

Hailey was given her first camera at the age of 10. Today, as the owner of Hailey Tash Photography, she challenges herself to produce creative, natural images for her adoring clients.

Global Administrator | June 23, 2015

Leigh Doran for Nadra Photography

Leigh Doran has been working as a professional photographer since the age of 21. She shares her skill and experience with the team at Nadra Photography.

Global Administrator | June 09, 2015

Ryan & Brandi Photography

The husband and wife team of Ryan and Brandi create authentic images for their wedding clients.

Global Administrator | June 02, 2015

Kim Chapman Photography

Photographer Kim Chapman didn't think she'd like wedding photography. But once a friend begged her to photograph her wedding, Kim was hooked!

Global Administrator | May 12, 2015

Kivalo Photography

Patricia Takacs from Kivalo Photography fell into the wedding photography industry by chance. Her skill, work ethic, and personality make all of her clients feel supremely lucky!

Global Administrator | April 28, 2015

Patrick McNamara Photography

Patrick McNamara Photography strives to create timeless images that couples will love for generations. Trends will come and go, but Patrick's photos are classic.

Global Administrator | March 31, 2015

A Love Supreme Photography

Erin Little, the woman behind A Love Supreme Photography, has been called the "photo fairy." She quietly captures her clients in a unique and creative way.

Global Administrator | March 25, 2015

Mark McCall Photography

Mark McCall stays true to the essence of photojournalism when photographing weddings. His talents are not lost on his clients or his colleagues.

Global Administrator | March 17, 2015

Russell Caron Wedding Photography

Russ and Liz, from Russell Caron Wedding Photography, work together to photograph weddings in Maine and throughout New England. Anyone that watches them can tell they absolutely love what they do!

Global Administrator | March 10, 2015

Bethany & Dan Photography

Bethany & Dan offer a one-two punch of photographic talent!

Global Administrator | March 03, 2015

Brendan Bullock Photography

Brendan Bullock approaches each wedding with visual curiosity and an expert eye for detaiil and style.

Global Administrator | June 20, 2014

Jesse C. Photography

Jesse Carter is a busy mom of four who revels in wedding photography.

Global Administrator | April 12, 2013

NicoleLee Photography

Nicole Van Tassel is the lady behind the lens of NicoleLee Photography. This mom of three finds inspiration in her children and the love her clients share.

Global Administrator | February 08, 2013

Clickin Chicks Photography

What started out as a hobby 10 years ago for Megan Stetler and Marci Larson has turned into a full-blown job. Clickin Chicks Photography has been a business for over three years, and these women get to watch their business grow together as friends.

Global Administrator | October 26, 2012

Angie Devenney Photography

Even though Angie Devenney's father was a photographer, she never imagined that she'd be spending her life working behind a camera.

Global Administrator | October 19, 2012

Untamed Violets Photography

Jenn Lamoreau and Mindy Mercier are working moms who share a love of photography. Together they are the creative force behind Untamed Violets Photography!

Global Administrator | October 05, 2012

Leah Haydock Photography

Photographer Leah Haydock resisted wedding photography for years. But once she got married and took the leap into the industry (with both feet mind you) she was hooked. And her gorgeous work showcases a passion that can not be denied.

Global Administrator | September 14, 2012

CSIS Photography

Charity Clark, the woman behind CSIS Photography, is a self-taught photographer based in southern Maine. 

Global Administrator | September 07, 2012

Cuppa Photography

This Freeport-based photographer has some serious talent (and a law degree to boot). We asked Cindy Giovagnoli, owner of Cuppa Photography, a bit about her wedding business and here's what she had to say...

Global Administrator | August 10, 2012

Tony Llerena Photography

Bangor-based Tony Llerena does it all—and has embarked on an ambitious project in 2012 to capture a portrait a day! We asked him some questions about his wedding photography business, and he put his camera down long enough to give us some great answers.

Global Administrator | July 27, 2012

LAD Photography

Lauren DelVecchio is the woman behind Farmingdale-based LAD Photography. Her talent and creativity was fostered as a young child, and she started her own photography business in 2004. We asked her some questions about her business and here are her answers...

Global Administrator | July 06, 2012

Tiffany Converse Photography

Freeport-based Tiffany Converse opened her own business, Tiffany Converse Photography, in 2009 after working for other studios in the Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts area. This mom of two shoots weddings throughout New England with a photojournalistic eye for capturing the very essence of your big day.

Global Administrator | June 15, 2012

Emilie Inc. Photography

Emilie Sommer Sandifer, owner of emilie inc. photography, is a Maine wedding photographer powerhouse. Her company also runs the popular coastal wedding blog, Love & Lobster and a nonprofit called Pink Initiative. Emilie's team is the photography partner for our 2012 Real Maine Wedding of the Year contest in Portland. She slowed down long enough to answer some questions for us...and we sure are grateful!

Global Administrator | May 04, 2012

Angimarie Photography

Angi Manter, owner of Angimarie Photography, is a busy mom who always has her trusty camera by her side. Whether she's shooting a Maine wedding or one of her son's hockey games, she's prepared for anything!

Global Administrator | May 04, 2012

Kate Crabtree Photography

Kate Crabtree is a Bangor-based wedding photographer. All of her photography—be it weddings or fashion shoots—are bathed in gorgeous light. Either she has an in with Mother Nature or she's incredibly talented. Probably both.

Global Administrator | April 27, 2012

The Maine Tinker

Portland-based Siobhan Bogle is The Maine Tinker. Her photography style is vintage-inspired and romantic. Learn more about the lady behind the lens...

Global Administrator | April 13, 2012

Rene Minnis Photography

Rene Minnis changed her major from art education to photography in college, and many happy brides and grooms benefited from that one decision.

Global Administrator | March 09, 2012