In Love: Megan & Brook

Posted: November 25, 2015

Megan and Brook were friends for three years before they started dating. The couple connected romantically after they both ended relationships with other people.
“At the end of my previous relationship, I was really low,” Megan says. “Brook braved the rain and winds of Hurricane Sandy to have dinner with me. She made me laugh more in those few hours than I had in months!”
Brook had known for years that Megan was funny, thoughtful, and a quality person. “After Megan and I reconnected, I knew very quickly that she was the one for me,” Brook says.
 Brook decided to propose. She asked Megan’s parents for her hand and had Megan’s nephew Bennett assist her with the plan. While Megan, Brook, and Bennett were hiking the Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho, Bennett told Megan that “nature was calling” and that Brook was up ahead on the trail waiting for her.
Brook had situated their camera up the hill a little ways and told Megan it was on a timer for a self portrait. In reality, Brook had set the camera to record. “We posed for the photo and then I looked down and Brook was on her knee presenting me with the most beautiful ring,” Megan says. “I was completely surprised and said ‘Yes’ immediately!” The best part? Brook had recorded the whole thing.

The couple had their engagment photos taken at Heath Preserve in Saco.