In Love: Ashley & Keenan

Posted: May 11, 2016

Ashley and Keenan met as kids, camping with their families at Hadley Point Campground in Bar Harbor, Maine. His aunt and uncle were good friends with her parents, and their camping trip became a yearly reunion.
In 2008, Ashley told her friends that she was going to marry Keenan one day. “He was perfect and everything I thought I wanted in a husband at 14 years old!” she says. “He was kind, so cute, and such a gentleman.” Three years later their friendship turned romantic.
Keenan totally surprised Ashley with his proposal. It was Columbus Day weekend and the couple was visiting his family at his grandparent’s house in western Maine. Ashley was trying to plan a shopping trip to North Conway, NH but Keenan was insisting they take a walk. 
They walked up the hill from the house and stopped by an old picnic table with a view of Mount Washington. “The foliage was perfect and the sun was shining so beautifully,” Ashley says. “Keenan started asking me super cute questions about our future and I still had no idea he was proposing.” When he dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him, Ashley started crying so hard that she didn’t even say yes. “I was so shocked that I did not even notice that his cousin was taking pictures of the whole thing. When I asked him who else knew about the proposal he turned me around and his entire family was walking up through the woods to celebrate with us.”
Ashley had always wanted to take romantic beach pictures with Keenan, so that’s where they headed for their engagement shoot with Haley J Photography. “I love the diverse scenery of Portland Head Light and Fort Williams,” she says. “It provided a lot of options and backdrops.” 

Photography by Haley J Photography