In Love: Alison & Brian

Posted: May 27, 2015

Alison and Brian grew up together in Deer Isle. “Part way through college we were both single at the same time and figured we would give it a try,” Alison says. “We have been together ever since!”

On September 23, the couple decided to spend the day together. “Brian had been very busy fishing an I had started classes again, and it felt like months since we’d seen each other,” Alison says. “He finally had a day off and I skipped class so we could spend the day together.”

Before the couple could head out to Bar Harbor for the day, Brian had to run some errands, which annoyed Alison. “After we smoothed things over we went and had a really nice lunch and took a stroll around the waterfront,” Alison says. It was then that Brian explained his morning errands—he had been going to see my parents to ask their permission to marry Alison. “He pulled out a beautiful ring and I immediately said, ‘YES!’” Alison says.

The couple had their engagement photo shoot in Bangor. “Our photographer, Ashley, recommended the spot, and it was perfect!” Alison says. “The leaves were at their peak and the sun was just beginning to set. It was absolutely beautiful.”


Photos by Ashley Erin Photography