In Love: Amanda & Tyler

Posted: May 16, 2014

Amanda and Tyler met in college, but didn’t connect until seven years later when a mutual friend reintroduced them at the KahBang Music Festival in Bangor. The couple eventually  moved from Maine to Minnesota, and started talking about spending the rest of their lives together.

Tyler had told Amanda that he wanted to ask her to marry him at the top of a mountain. On the night he proposed, Tyler made one of Amanda’s favorite dinners. While they were eating, he handed her a card, which she thought was for her birthday. When she opened it, she found a clue inside.

“I ended up going all over our house, scavenger hunt style, finding clues,” Amanda says. “At the end of the set of clues I ended up wearing a blindfold and sitting on a chair in the middle of our living room. The whole time I was thinking I was getting my birthday gift.”

Tyler told Amanda to remove her blindfold. There he was, on bended knee, asking Amanda to marry him. He had printed a huge poster of the top of Mount Katahdin and hung it from their living room ceiling.

“There are no mountains in Minnesota, so he gave me the next best thing!” Amanda says. The couple had their engagement photos taken at Sandy Point Beach in Stockton Springs.


Photos by Ryan & Brandi Photography