In Love: Emily & Andrew

Posted: July 14, 2015

Three years ago Emily lost her favorite ring, a gift from her godparents, in a dumpster. “I was taking the trash out from our house and the ring got caught in the string of the bay and flew into the dumpster,” Emily says. Already late for work, she called Andy in tears to tell him. “I told him it would be a horrible, smelly, needle-in-a-haystack search, but that I’d try to come home early to dumpster dive and find it. I was pretty resigned to the fact that it was gone.”

She got home later than she intended and the sun was already setting. Andy gave her a hug and asked her to have dinner first and suggested they could search together with flashlights afterwards. “He somehow convinced me that that was a better idea and I sat down,” she says. “To my complete surprise, in my napkin was my ring.” Andy had jumped into the dumpster himself to find the ring.

Andy’s proposal was a carefully created plan. The couple had planned to take an early morning run together, but at the last minute Andy bailed. He told her to be careful, that it was still dark outside, and to be sure to look around. So Emily went out without him in the pre-dawn light. “At the corner of our street was a sign with an inside joke of ours,” she says. “I was confused—was that what I was supposed to be looking out for?” Every quarter mile of Emily’s run had a sign with photos of the couple. The last sign said, ‘And now I have a question’. Andy popped out from behind a tree, gave Emily a hug, and proposed.

“We wanted our engagement photos to feel like us—natural, not forced, and be taken somewhere that would capture the beauty of southern Maine,” Emily says. Mackworth Island fit the bill.


Photos by Jessica Jaccarino Photography