In Love: Lyndsay & Thomas

Posted: December 09, 2015

Lyndsay and Thomas were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways during college. One night they randomly bumped into each other and sparks flew. “After one look into his eyes I knew I was still in love,” Lyndsay says.
Thomas decided he wanted to propose while attending a friend’s wedding. “When you don’t want to spend a second away from someone, you just know,” he says. Two months later he bought a ring.
It was during this time that Lyndsay found a bracelet that she always used to wear but had broken. She longingly wished it wasn’t broken so she could wear it again. On a random Monday night in January, she returned home from work and noticed a jewelry box on the coffee table. “I didn’t think anything of it because Thomas always purchases ‘just because’ gifts,” she says. She started opening the box and noticed it was her broken bracelet, fixed as good as new.
She smiled and he told her that he had also picked out a charm to go on the bracelet. “I opened the smaller box and inside was a charm that had a his and her wedding ring linked together,” she says. “I was a bit confused, since we weren’t engaged yet. I didn’t even have time to finish my thought when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”
The couple had their engagement photos taken at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. 


Photography by Double H Photo