In Love: Casey & Ben

Posted: December 05, 2014

Casey and Ben met as teenagers in 2007. “The first time I saw Benjiman was at The Forum in Presque Isle when we were both ice skating,” Casey says. “I was tying my skates when he came over and introduced himself. Love at first sight? I didn’t think so at the time.” They didn’t click until three years later when the duo went on a double date with friends.

On the day that Ben proposed, Casey had been picking strawberries with her mother and grandmother. As she was washing the berries in her sink, she saw Ben, coming home from work as a potato farmer, talking to her mother and grandmother in the road. “He walked through the door and we chatted about our day,” Casey says. “I was just getting ready to sass him for not answering my texts of calls all day when I turned around to throw something in the garbage and Ben pulled a box out of his pocket and got down on one knee.”

After he put the ring on her finger she found out what he had really been doing all day. He had worked in the morning, then had gone to Kay Jewelers in Presque Isle to buy her ring. “I had been letting him know what ring styles I liked and didn’t like, but the ring he chose he did so all by himself! He purchased the ring that day and couldn’t wait any longer to ask me to marry him.”

The couple had their engagement photos taken on Pine Point on Mount Desert Island. “We live in Northern Maine on a potato farm,” Casey says. “We are country people, but love the ocean. I love Tess Johnson’s photos and how she captures her clients. When she was in Bar Harbor I made sure to get an appointment with her.”


Photos by Tess J. Photography