In Love: Brittany & Brett

Posted: August 30, 2017

Brittany met Brett during her first week in Prescott, Arizona. She had moved west from Maine for an internship that lasted three months.
As her time in Arizona was coming to an end, Brittany tried to break up with Brett. “I didn’t want to deal with a long distance relationship while juggling school,” she says. But she couldn’t do it. “In the process of ending it, I realized I was making a huge mistake!” Once she finished school in Portland, Maine, she rejoined Brett in Arizona. 
Brett proposed to Brittany with a song he’d written on the guitar. “He had sent me the first few verses of the song a year earlier when I was in Maine, so we were singing them together,” Brittany says. “Then all of a sudden he began a new verse that I had never heard.” The last line of the new verse was, “Will you marry me?”
During their relationship, Brett had visited Brittany in Portland a few times. They decided to have their engagement photos taken around the city. “We wanted to honor our mutual love for exploring a new city,” Brittany says. She and Brett were married this May in Gray, Maine.

Photos by She of the Woods