In Love: Tera & Bennett

Posted: August 12, 2015

Tera and Bennett became friends at the University of Maine. After graduation Tera moved to Arizona and Bennett began a PhD program at UMaine. “Although our lives were going in different directions, deep down there was a connection that kept bringing us together,” Tera says.

Their relationship grew, despite the distance, and the couple began visiting each other monthly and taking trips together. In 2011 the couple moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, starting a new chapter in their lives.

During a trip home to Tera’s family’s camp in northern Maine, Bennett decided to propose. Hurricane Arthur had put a damper on their week on Long Lake, keeping the group inside for most of their vacation. “On the final evening of our trip, we braved the storm to meet family and friends for dinner at Tera’s all-time favorite local restaurant, the Long Lake Sporting Club,” Bennett says.

The lounge was packed when Bennett decided to say a few words to the group. He started with the story about how they first met 13 years ago and ended with a proposal.

The couple had their engagement photos taken on Mount Desert Island, where the couple will be wed on July 25, 2015.


Photos by Cuppa Photography