In Love: Meneah & Jamieson

Posted: August 26, 2015

Jamie had no idea that Meneah was going to bring her little, but big, brother along on their first date at Sugarloaf. Jamie was slightly taken aback, but he regrouped. After all, he had taught himself Chinese, had mountain biked across Mongolia, and rock climbed in Thailand. He was determined to woo Meneah, brother or no brother.

Meneah was impressed by Jamie’s pluck. She decided that if he could earn her brother’s approval, that he deserved a real date—just the two of them.
“I realized after our first date and a few Skype chats while Jamie was in Beijing that this wasn’t just another guy,” Meneah says. “Our conversation was easy, or personalities clicked, and the rest is history.”

Jamie planned to propose during the couple’s weekly Sunday morning walk with their two dogs. He planned to drop down on one knee on a little bridge over a waterfall at Fuller Farm. When Meneah wandered to the stream below with the dogs, rather than follow Jamie over the bridge, he had no recourse but to chase after her.


Photos by Greta Tucker Photography