In Love: Lily & Tim

Posted: August 20, 2013


Lily and Tim met on a blind double date that was set up by Lily’s sister-in-law, Erin. Based on the fact that they were both single and liked to snowboard, Erin thought they’d hit it off.

Erin and her husband Eric (Lily’s brother) met up with Lily and Tim at Flatbread in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the date. Eric was doing much of the talking, getting a sense for what Tim was like. Erin, exasperated that Lily and Tim didn’t have the opportunity to make a connection, texted her husband to “STOP talking so much and let them speak!”

After their group date, Tim contacted Lily and asked her out on a date—where it would be just the two of them. A week later the duo met up in Portland for dinner and sparks flew.

The couple dated long distance, as Lily lived in Portland, Maine and Tim in Dover, New Hampshire. Lily made the move to Dover in 2011, a year after their first date. The proposal took place a year later in December 2012. Tim covertly planned a girls day for Lily to get her out of the house. When she returned there were roses, candles, roses, candles, more roses, and more candles, a thoughtful card, some champagne, and a proposal.

The couple will be married on November 9, 2013.



Photos by Kate Baker Photography