In Love: Abby & Alex

Alex asked Abby to marry him while on vacation with both of their families in the Maine woods. | August 22, 2018

In Love: Mindy & Adam

Mindy and Adam met 10 years ago at a restaurant where they both worked. Seven years later they reconnected and their love story began. | August 01, 2018

In Love: Sarah & Jeff

Jeff surprised Sarah with a proposal on Thanksgiving Day. | June 28, 2018

In Love: Alex & CT

Alex and CT decided to have their engagement photos done in a very special place–Biddeford Pool. | April 04, 2018

In Love: Erica & Greg

Greg and Erica knew early on that they would get married someday. | January 31, 2018

In Love: Alison & Steve

Alison and Steve went to the same university, but their paths never crossed. Even though he played football and she was on the cheering team. | September 13, 2017

In Love: Brittany & Brett

During their relationship, Brett had visited Brittany in Portland a few times. They decided to have their engagement photos taken around the city. | August 30, 2017

In Love: Chanel & Patrick

“We wanted to make memories in our first apartment together in Maine,” Chanel says. “Patrick and I are super chill folks, and we wanted that to come through in our engagement photos.” | August 23, 2017

In Love: Megan & Mark

Megan and Mark had their engagement photos taken in their hometown of Greenville, Maine, where they’ll be married this summer. | August 16, 2017

In Love: Victoria & Ryan

“We have never wanted to be apart,” Victoria says. | March 22, 2017

In Love: Caitlin & Ryan

Ryan knew Caitlin was “the one” based on her quirky, fun, passionate, independent, spontaneous, caring, and active personality.

Global Administrator | November 16, 2016

In Love: Marissa & Andrew

Marissa and Andrew met at a spring formal at the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Global Administrator | November 09, 2016

In Love: Martha & Logan

Martha and Logan, who met in high school, always knew they were meant to be together.

Global Administrator | October 19, 2016

In Love: Abbi & Tanner

Even though Abbi and Tanner grew up together in Yarmouth, they didn’t get to really know each other until after they had both graduated from college and returned home.

Global Administrator | October 05, 2016

In Love: Gabrielle & Jesse

While Gabrielle and Jesse knew each other in high school, they didn't connect until five years after graduation.

Global Administrator | September 07, 2016

In Love: Elspeth & Greg

Elspeth and Greg met while staying at a hostel in New Zealand. They quickly became close friends.

Global Administrator | August 24, 2016

In Love: Mallory & Jared

Jared’s parents set up their son on a date with Mallory. It didn't take long for the couple to become inseparable. “We knew this bond was special,” Mallory says. 

Global Administrator | June 29, 2016

In Love: Vanessa & Charles

Vanessa and Charles struck up a friendship while she was studying abroad during college.

Global Administrator | June 15, 2016

In Love: Allie & Mitch

“I knew he was the one right away,” Allie says. “There was something about him that put me at ease and made me feel at home.”

Global Administrator | May 18, 2016

In Love: Ashley & Keenan

Ashley and Keenan met as kids, camping with their families at Hadley Point Campground in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Global Administrator | May 11, 2016

In Love: Kate & Matt

Kate and Matt met each other through their college roommates. She went to Quinnipiac University and he to the University of Rhode Island. 

Global Administrator | March 09, 2016

In Love: Emily & Tom

Emily and Tom met on shortly after Tom had moved from Maine to New Jersey.

Global Administrator | December 16, 2015

In Love: Lyndsay & Thomas

Lyndsay and Thomas were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways during college. One night they randomly bumped into each other and sparks flew.

Global Administrator | December 09, 2015

In Love: Megan & Brook

Megan and Brook were friends for three years before they started dating.

Global Administrator | November 25, 2015

In Love: Jared & Kirk

It didn't take long for Jared and Kirk to realize their relationship was going to go the distance.

Global Administrator | October 28, 2015

In Love: Stephanie & Zachary

Stephanie and Zachary met in middle school and attended high school together. It wasn’t until after college that they reconnected and realized how much they had in common.

Global Administrator | September 30, 2015

In Love: Meneah & Jamieson

Jamie had no idea that Meneah was going to bring her little, but big, brother along on their first date at Sugarloaf.

Global Administrator | August 26, 2015

In Love: Lorraine & Mitch

Mitch knew Lorraine was “the one” after their first date.

Global Administrator | August 19, 2015

In Love: Tera & Bennett

Tera and Bennett became friends at the University of Maine. After graduation Tera moved to Arizona and Bennett began a PhD program at UMaine. “Although our lives were going in different directions, deep down there was a connection that kept bringing us together,” Tera says.

Global Administrator | August 12, 2015

In Love: Emily & Andrew

Emily's routine jog took an unexpected twist, thanks to a clever and creative Andrew.

Global Administrator | July 14, 2015

In Love: Elisha & Matt

“After I knew I was in love with Matt (which didn’t take very long) there wasn’t a time when I thought he wasn’t the one,” Elisha says.

Global Administrator | July 01, 2015

In Love: Alison & Brian

Alison and Brian grew up together in Deer Isle. “Part way through college we were both single at the same time and figured we would give it a try,” Alison says. “We have been together ever since!”

Global Administrator | May 27, 2015

In Love: Rachel & Tony

Rachel and Tony's first date was spent watching the holiday light parade in Presque Isle. “I have never felt more comfortable around someone before,” Rachel says.

Global Administrator | May 13, 2015

In Love: Ashley & Len

Ashley knew Len was the man for her during a disastrous trip to Bar Harbor. “Everything seemed to be going wrong, from getting lost on the way to my new car breaking down,” she says. “In spite of all the mishaps, we still had a great time.”

Global Administrator | April 29, 2015

In Love: Kelsey & Michael

Kelsey and Michael were good friends throughout high school, and their friendship turned romantic during their senior year. “We’ve always had a strong connection,” Kelsey says.

Global Administrator | April 22, 2015

In Love: Casey & Ben

It wasn't quite love at first sight for Casey and Ben—but the couple finally fell for each other and the rest is history.

Global Administrator | December 05, 2014

In Love: Alicia & Randy

Alicia and Randy were finalists in our 2014 Real Maine Wedding of the Year Contest. Their casual forest engagement shoot was full of laughter and love.

Global Administrator | August 29, 2014

In Love: Tanya & Chuck

Tough times brought Tanya and Chuck closer together as a couple, and their love and friendship blossomed.

Global Administrator | July 18, 2014

In Love: Sarah & Aaron

Sarah and Aaron's picnic lunch in Greenville turned into a surprise proposal.

Global Administrator | July 07, 2014

In Love: Roxie & Ian

Ian knew right away that Roxie was the woman he wanted to marry. It took Roxie a couple of years to figure it out. “He still will not let me live that one down!” Roxie days.

Global Administrator | May 30, 2014

In Love: Amanda & Tyler

A mountaintop engagement was a no-go in Minnesota, so Tyler did the next best thing.

Global Administrator | May 16, 2014

In Love: Kaitlyn & Justin

Justin and Kaitlyn met at a high school dance. They became best friends before their relationship turned romantic during their senior year of high school.

Global Administrator | April 04, 2014

In Love • Chantal & Jeremy

Jeremy decided to make his company day trip to Boston extra special. “For the past few years, Jeremy had gone on this trip with his sister and brother-in-law and they had a tradition of always taking a photo in front of the Christmas tree in Quincy Market,” Chantal says. This past year, Jeremy took his girlfriend along, too.

Global Administrator | March 14, 2014

In Love • Nicole & Jon

Jon and Nicole met when they were 16 years old. A mutual friend introduced them at the high school basketball tournament at the Cumberland County Civic Center. The couple went on their first date on Jon’s 17th birthday.

Global Administrator | February 28, 2014

In Love: Alexa & Orlando

Alexa noticed Orlando on the basketball court during the high school tournaments. She found out that they had some friends in common and struck up a conversation one weekend. They made a date to hang out and play basketball at Colby College in Waterville and have been together every day since.

Global Administrator | August 29, 2013

In Love: Lily & Tim

Lily and Tim met on a blind double date that was set up by Lily’s sister-in-law, Erin. Based on the fact that they were both single and liked to snowboard, Erin thought they’d hit it off.

Global Administrator | August 20, 2013

In Love: Linsay & Roy

It’s an all-American story: high school cheerleader falls in love with a football player. Boy joins the military and serves his country, leaving behind his young love.

Global Administrator | March 22, 2013

In Love: Colleen & Patrick

These high school track coaches didn’t cross paths often, so it took a while for them to really get to know each other. But once they started working together on a more frequent basis, they hit if off.

Global Administrator | March 13, 2013

In Love: Ashley & George

Ashley and George met on a blind date that was set up by Ashley’s sister. “George worked with my sister at TD bank, and Brooke said that George reminded her of me” Ashley says. “We hit it off!”

Global Administrator | March 01, 2013

In Love: Jill & Chris

Chris and Jill met at a bar in Manchester, NH in October 2008. Three years later, Chris popped the question.

Global Administrator | February 15, 2013

In Love: Amanda & Nathan

Nathan had given Amanda a trip to Disney World for Christmas. What she didn't know was that he was planning on proposing during their vacation.

Global Administrator | January 11, 2013