Planning Day #4: Papier

Posted: May 21, 2015

By Christina Quach

When Papier opened we were the first in the store. As soon as I sat down I was drawn to a fun graphic of a coastal map that was sitting under the glass table top right in front of me. Melanie pointed it out, and I immediately pictured it as a map of Midcoast Maine. Luke and I really love maps and wanted to weave this into our invitation somehow.

Valerie explained the printing processes of different types of invitations that she had on display. Looking at a dozen invitations, you wouldn’t realize how different the processes of creating the print and design could be, and a lot more work goes into creating these invitations than some may realize. That’s what I loved about Papier. I had received an email the day before from an online store about a sale on invitations, and I pictured them in my head while Valerie was talking. I immediately appreciated the work involved in what she was showing me compared to what had popped up in my email.


When we were looking through the albums of invitations, Fred who works for Valerie, pointed out different aspects of invitations that we hadn’t seen before. We bookmarked what we liked about certain invitations to figure out what we ultimately wanted. We touched everything that we liked. Luke and I were paying much more attention to the detail, and I felt like we were looking at pieces of art. I love color, texture, and curvy and straight lines.

We are falling more and more in love with our nautical theme. We loved it from the beginning, but tying it into everything including the weddings has made it a lot of fun. Papier had a nautical rope design that will work perfectly with our theme, and we are really hoping to work it into the final design of the invitations.

I have been waiting for this day to come since we won the wedding, but until we sat down to look at invitations today, I didn’t realize how excited I really was about this part of planning. I walked away feeling like we had made huge steps towards organizing the wedding and pulling it together.

This one was a hard one for us because we equally love the three designs we picked out. We are very thankful for the public’s opinion to choose which one they like the best!

Photos by Cuppa Photography

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