Planning Day #3: Fiore, Maine Wedding Artist, & The Norumbega Inn

Posted: May 02, 2015

By Christina Quach

Luke and I left the house today in a hurry to make it to Rockland on time. We were super hungry but couldn’t complain because we knew we were on the way to taste test dozens of delicious olive oils and balsamic vinegars at Fiore Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars. We love eating and we love cooking, so we were looking forward to this first stop on our third planning day.

The owner, Pat, explained the fustis, which are seamless vats that hold the olive oils and vinegars. Fiore prides itself on offering their customers the freshest products available, and they tasted amazing! It took some time, but we picked some fun and traditional flavors for the public to vote on. It was very hard to narrow down three pairings, but we are excited to find out what pairing wins because we can’t wait to eat it again and try cooking with it!


Our next stop was at the home of Beth, owner of Maine Wedding Artist. Beth is a very passionate Maine artist and takes great interest in the couples that she creates her hand painted buoys for. When we got there she showed us multiple designs she had already created so we could pick and choose what we liked about each one. It was so hard to pick just one design we liked, so we all came up with a great idea so that multiple designs would be chosen in the voting process. The buoy favors are absolutely adorable, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Beth had cute setups of shells filled with sand and other oceanic items that Cindy of Cuppa Photography used as stages to photograph what we chose to be voted on.


After lunch in downtown Camden we headed over to The Norumbega Inn, which is the site of our welcome party. Not only are the locations for the ceremony and reception stunning, but our welcome party and rehearsal dinner are at places we never imagined we’d get to enjoy. Sue, the innkeeper, greeted us, and we all sat down together to talk about how we would use the space. We wanted to feature and embrace the décor that was already a part of the historic stone castle, so we thought of what would enhance the space. This location was where we planned on using the herb garland from Seasons Downeast Designs. We also got to meet Chef Phil Crispo who will be creating the menu for the event. Of course Luke’s smile was the biggest when he got to talk to Phil a little about food.


After another fantastic day of wedding planning with wonderful people, Luke and I stayed in town to spend time with my family. It was a whirlwind couple of days, but we accomplished so much!

Photos by Cuppa Photography

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