VOTE for Christina & Luke's Favors from Maine Wedding Artist!

Posted: July 13, 2015

Christina and Luke visited with Beth Doan, the artist behind Maine Wedding Artist, to talk about the designs for the buoys she will be painting for their wedding guests. Beth had so many wonderful designs that we decided that the voting on this aspect of their wedding was going to be a little different!

We are asking you to pick your THREE favorite designs from the four images below. The top three choices will be the designs Beth creates for Christina and Luke's wedding! You will be allowed to vote for multiple choices, so have fun!

You have until Thursday, July 23 to pick your three favorite designs. We will announce the winners on Friday, July 24!

Photos by Cuppa Photography

Wedding Favors - Please vote for your THREE favorite buoy designs by Maine Wedding Artist! She will create a selection for Christina & Luke's guests. The poll is closed.
Buoy #1
Buoy #2
Buoy #3
Buoy #4

A huge THANK YOU to Maine Wedding Artist for creating these very MAINE favors for our 2015 Midcoast Real Maine Wedding of the Year!


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