Christina & Luke's Midcoast Engagement Shoot

Posted: April 27, 2015

We LOVED working with Cindy Giovagnoli from Cuppa Photography! Our engagement shoot was in my hometown of Rockland. We absolutely love the local shops and restaurants downtown, so we were so excited to have our shoot capture these spots. Luke and I drove through town early to scope out pretty, bright places and quickly realized everything seemed brown and gray from the long winter. We met Cindy downtown, and as I struggled to think of other places that would be gorgeous this time of year we decided to start wandering downtown in hopes I would think of something.

The places we were photographed were unexpected but couldn’t have been more perfect. It all started from being drawn to a brick wall background, and next thing you know we had found half a dozen gorgeous spots to shoot in. The ground was still soggy from all the melting snow, so Luke had to carry me to some spots so my heels wouldn’t sink in. It was a super comfortable experience, and we were able to be our goofy selves. We were all laughing and having a great time.

One thing we really loved and appreciated about working with Cindy was that we could tell she is truly passionate about what she does and cared about capturing who we are as a couple. The best photos contain emotion from moments that can be difficult to capture. Thanks to Cindy, everyone can see how much Luke and I love each other.


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