Planning Day #2: Invitations!

Posted: May 13, 2014

By Tara Hill

Out of all our trips to Maine, Portland has never been a stop Trevor or I have ever made. Last Monday, we made an effort to leave extra early that day so we could explore a little before our meeting at Papier. It was a gorgeous day and another chance to make some big wedding decisions as a team.
We met with Valerie, the owner of Papier, to discuss and design three invitations for the big day. I don't think Trevor or I were prepared for the amount of detail and creativity that can be involved with picking out wedding invitations. Walking into the idyllic store we were surrounded with a multitude of colors, designs, and examples of invitations Papier has designed for every occasion. To help Trevor and I narrow down the options, Amber from Sweetest Things Weddings, Melanie from Real Maine Weddings, and Valerie had great pointers and ideas on what's trending and upcoming in the world of wedding invites.
Valerie had some examples of invitations already picked out so that Trevor and I could see what our options were. Choices such as side pockets, front pockets, number of inserts, special wording, colors, fonts, monograms, envelope liners, and more were open for discussion. As soon as Trevor and I agreed upon colors and a layout we both liked, Valerie's expertise helped us narrow down three choices quite quickly. Valerie wielded a pen and created illustrations for us to understand exactly how our invitation will appear when customized to our design. The three options we all came up with are stellar, each with their own unique twist. I think it will be tough for the public to choose a favorite. 
Trevor and I can't thank Valerie enough for having us at her store and for helping us design a work of art that we will be able to cherish for years to come. 

You will have the opportunity to vote on our wedding invitations starting on May 26! Trevor and I can't wait to see what one you all like the best.

Photos by Andree Kehn Wedding Photography

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