Video Ideas for the RMW of the Year Contest in Bethel

Posted: January 02, 2014

Winning a $100,000 wedding is a big deal. You want to put your best foot forward in your video so that you create something that complete strangers will vote on. We get asked lots of questions about how to create the best video, so we thought we’d offer some suggestions and some examples.

Tip #1: Be yourself.
The best videos include couples that showcase their personalities. Show us who you really are! Don’t be afraid to let your goofy side shine through.

Tip #2: Tell your story.
This year’s wedding of the year is held in Bethel. The best videos are the ones that let us know why getting married in Bethel is special to the couple. Whether you grew up in the area, went skiing there as a child, or always dreamed of getting married on a mountain—tell us!

Tip #3: Don’t over think it.
We know you probably aren’t a professional videographer. It’s ok. We’re interested in the content and creativity of your video. It does not need to be shot by a Hollywood filmmaker.

Below are the videos created by our past winners. These might give you some ideas for your own video!

Laura & Nolan
Freeport, 2011

Alyssa & Nick
Portland, 2012

Tiffany & Patrick
Kennebunkport, 2013

Now go out there and create a video so you have a chance to win a dream wedding of your own in Bethel, Maine!

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