Introducing: Tiffany and Patrick!

Posted: April 26, 2013

By Tiffany Vasquez
Making Our Video

When Patrick and I first learned about the contest we were a bit unsure, but once we saw it was in Kennebunkport we said, ‘lets go for it!’ See, Kennebunkport holds so many memories for us. It's the first place I met his amazing family who welcomed me with warm and loving arms and it's the first place I told Patrick I loved him. I'll never forget those moments.

Patrick grew up in Maine and absolutely loves it here, but who wouldn't? He spent many summers on his Nanny's boat at the Nonantum Resort, and it was even the spot he learned to swim. He spent his summers at Goose Rock Beach with family and friends and he loved riding his bike all over town. The memories just go on and on. We feel so lucky to have our dream wedding as another one of those special memories.

To make our video submission, we started coming up with what we wanted to include and the different locations where we wanted to film. It was a challenge figuring out how to be within the two-minute guideline, because there was a ton of stuff we wanted to include, but we managed to make it work. We spent the next day going around Kennebunkport to find which spots we wanted to highlight in our video, and decided the perfect places would be on the pier at Cape Porpoise, the lighthouse at The Nonantum Resort and on the rocks in front of The Colony Hotel.

We spent the following evening reminiscing with his mom while looking at his baby pictures, which we wanted to use in our video. They were all so adorable! Since I didn't have access to my baby pictures in Maine, my mom and sister scanned a lot—and I mean a lot—of my baby pictures. It was so nice to go through those pictures with Patrick.

When we started to piece together our video, we chose to introduce ourselves, talk about our childhood, the story of how we met, why we love each other and show our excitement with the throw at the end. Patrick throwing me up in the air at the end of our video was spontaneous, and I'm so glad we used that instead of our original idea because so many people said it left them smiling.

Now Patrick and I are not computer wizards, so we enlisted the help of his genius computer savvy cousin, Tim. Did I mention he's only 16?! We all had a good laugh while making the video because we thought it was really funny that the wedding day was set to happen on Tim’s birthday. We told Tim our ideas and he helped us make a lovely video. It was great to see the finished piece and its now a wonderful addition to our keepsakes. You can click on this link to watch our video.

The First Meeting

The beginning of this incredible journey was about to start, and I must admit I was a bit nervous—but it was an excited nervous. I was a bit bummed that Patrick couldn't be there because he's away at work, but we spent lots of time talking about what we wanted and his mom was so sweet to take the day off from work to come with me to meet Christine and Melanie from Real Maine Weddings and Amber from Sweetest Thing Weddings • Floral Design • Events.
Once introductions and hugs were had, it was time to dive in. From the first few minutes of talking to Amber I could tell she was a true professional. I absolutely loved her energy. I can't wait to meet Kathryn because I know the two of them together will be a phenomenal power duo.

Amber showed us her ideas for the theme of our wedding and they were beautiful and fell right into place with ideas and concepts Patrick and I had found. Christine then went through all the incredible vendors. It was so amazing to see some of the details in our package, and I couldn't wait to tell Patrick, especially about all the deliciousness included in the dessert buffet!
Melanie gave some great advice about things I had not thought about and captured moments from the first meeting with her camera. It's such a comforting feeling to know we have such a great team to work with. Patrick and I are absolutely thrilled and feel so lucky. It's going to be an amazing start to a wonderful lifetime together!

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