Planning Day #3: Venue Visits

Posted: August 01, 2013
By Tiffany Vasquez
If I had to summarize the day, I would say absolutely wonderful! This of course would not have been possible had I not been surrounded with great company. I had some special ladies by my side to share in such a memorable day, Carmen (my mom, who flew in from Florida), Colleen (Patrick's mom), Christine and Melanie from Real Maine Weddings and Amber from Sweetest Thing Weddings. We visited all the stunning venues and met up with such phenomenal people along the way. Everyone made me feel so loved and comfortable. I know I keep saying it, but Patrick and I really have the best of the best coming together to create a magical wedding celebration.
We started the morning with Sonja Mesley from The Kennebunkport Resort Collection. Sonja has such an engaging and enchanting personality. It was so much fun being around her and I'm really glad she was able to join us later for lunch and our trip to Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Now, if anyone knows me, they know I absolutely LOVE food! Actually, the other day I couldn't stop laughing when Patrick said, "Ninety percent of the time I talk to you you're eating." He called me about three hours later and there I was again, eating something else.
Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear Sonja's ideas and chat about the menu. She was very helpful and accommodating. I spoke to her about things Patrick and I discussed and right away she came up with ways to incorporate our concepts. The menu created for the reception has a wide array of choices for every palate, however, I'm sure everyone will want to try everything because it all sounds so delectable! Sonja came up with a great suggestion to have the sophistication of a plated meal combined with the ease and variety offered by a buffet. We also talked about signature drinks and the group came up with some great options. The signature drinks are not only going to be tasty, they are also going to look terrific! 
Melissa Wirth from Stonewall Kitchen was also there to go over the adorable favors. We really love Stonewall Kitchen because they make a wide assortment of deliciously-amazing food. I have never had something from Stonewall Kitchen that I didn't like. I hope you all had fun voting on the wonderful welcome baskets. I know my sister, Elizabeth, had an especially hard time deciding which one she wanted to vote for. She called me and said, "I have no idea what to vote for, they all look so good"!
Melissa has such a vibrant and thoughtful spirit about her. Not only did she bring an actual custom labeled mini jam favor for us to see what it looks like in person, but she also surprised us with wild Maine blueberry jam for each of us to take home. I'm going to take the cute mini jam favors with me when I visit Patrick on the ship.

We then made our way to The Nonantum Resort to meet with Tim Ames. The Nonantum Resort holds a lot of history for Patrick and his family. He learned how to swim there and his grandmother, Carol Walsh, docked her boat there for many years. They would spend a relaxing day on the river and occasionally saw beautiful weddings from their boat. I'm sure he didn't imagine all these years later he would be able to create such a lovely memory with me and those close and dear to our hearts.
Tim was so hospitable and charming. We sat down in the ballroom and he offered us breakfast, so of course we all grabbed a plate...that breakfast was so tasty! We went through the incredible menu and the locations the rehearsal dinner will take place. We will have the newly renovated patio for the cocktail hour, the side room with the gorgeous view of the Kennebunk River for the dinner, and the dance floor with it's own private bar for an evening of dancing and fun. We really enjoyed our time there and for our guests that are staying at The Nonantum Resort, you're in for a real treat!
Speaking of treats, Teresa Gamache from Sweet T's Confections was also there to greet us with some extraordinary Irish car bomb cupcakes. Teresa was very warm and made me feel so giddy. She went over the amazing dessert buffet for the rehearsal dinner night. Patrick, along with many other sweet tooth lovers, will feel like they arrived in heaven! She is creating everything from whoopie pies, cookies, chocolates, and cupcakes. Let me tell you, if our breakfast and those cupcakes were any indication of what is in store for the rehearsal dinner, our guests should bring a hearty appetite because everything will be out of this world!

Our next stop was The Colony Hotel to meet up with Christian, who has such a friendly and exuberant disposition. I spent an enjoyable morning for breakfast there the other week with Colleen (Patrick's mom), Sarah (Patrick's sister), Carol (Patrick's grandmother), and Erin (Patrick's aunt). They surprised me with a precious Pandora bridal charm bracelet from Coastal Jewelers, the same place where our wedding bands will come from.  That was the first time I had an opportunity to see The Colony Hotel, however, this trip was the first time my mom had a chance to see where Patrick and I are going to say our I dos. It's a breathtakingly beautiful place. Our ocean backdrop is not only fitting for our story and how we met, but also has a magnificent view! It was really surreal to walk the path that will be the aisle come October 18th. Not only do we have the best backdrop, but I can assure you, no one will be disappointed with the fabulous cocktail hour. They are going to have everything from scallops wrapped in bacon, grilled lamb loin canapé, vegetable spring rolls, lobster quiche and that's just to name a few!

Our final stop was at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. We were welcomed by the delightful and personable Nik Charov. What a unique place to have a wedding reception—it's filled with so much history! This gem is actually a National Estuarine Research Reserve. Their mission is to educate individuals in regards to coasts and estuaries, create an interest for environmental awareness and to focus on conserving our natural resources. I was honored when Nik informed us that Patrick and I will become members of this historical site.
This was the first time I had a chance to walk around the beautiful barn. Amber and Sonja were coming up with endless ideas for the space and we decided to keep many of the aspects a surprise for both Patrick and I, which I love. I want to walk into the space with Patrick and just be in awe and I know with so many talented and creative minds we will be. We ended our afternoon with champagne and strawberries. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous day!

Sometimes I still feel like I need to pinch myself, especially after a day like today. Did we really get this lucky? We are seriously working with the best vendors and having our events at the best venues.  We can't thank everyone enough for all of their generosity and kindness, but we will keep trying...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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