Planning Day #4: Waterford, Maine

Posted: May 29, 2019

From Katie:

"Colby and I woke up on the 4th day of planning with butterflies in our stomachs. This was the day that we were going to finally visit the location where we will start the rest of our lives together. It was Bear Mountain Inn day!

We made the scenic drive to Bear Mountain Inn in Waterford and were greeted by Fausto (who I now call my“Wedding Dad”) from Blue Elephant Events & Catering, Molly and Victoria of Molly & Victoria Co., and Brian and Julie with Bear Mountain Inn. We started with a tour from Brian and Julie (who are some of the most welcoming people we have met) around the Inn and we were wowed by all of the work they have put into each room. Truly, pictures do not do justice for how beautiful, cozy and warm this place is. The design of each room was obviously very well thought out, down to even the smallest of details. The halls and common areas smelled like baked goods and my Grandparent’s home, which gave me an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. We just felt at home here, like we wanted to curl up in one of their rooms by a fireplace and never leave! Mountain Ash, White Pine and the Sugar Maple Cottage (this is where we will be staying in October for the wedding) were 3 of our favorite rooms. 

After the tour of the Inn, we continued on to the rest of the property, where we were met by Julie and Brian’s ADORABLE pups, Maci and Mackenzie. Colby and I are huge animal lovers, so the fact that this venue is dog friendly is a major plus for us! We saw the cozy fire pits and imagined how fun it will be to sit by them this fall with our family and friends (probably with a s’more or two). We walked to the spot where we will be saying “I Do”, the Lake Patio that overlooks Bear Pond and then then to the Barn to see the reception space. It was a perfect marriage of rustic charm and classic elegance. From Brian and Julie’s warmth, the beauty of the Inn, Barn and surrounding property, to the BEST butterscotch oatmeal cookies EVER (seriously, you need to try them), this place could not be more perfect. 

Once we were done with our tour, we headed inside to the dining area to meet with Heather from The Good Food Store & Catering Company of Bethel, ME to talk food. She learned prior to meeting us that we were big tacos fans, and she had prepared some pretty personalized menus for us to look over. We talked about having a taco bar with all the toppings and how none of our friends or family would be shocked if we did this (I mean, we are BIG taco fans).

She helped us pick out appetizers, both passed and stationed, that would complement each other and the sprawling taco bar that we would have. Good food (pun definitely intended) is an important part of our lives and we wanted to have a menu that really reflected who we were and all of our favorite goodies. Heather was so easy to work with, really listened to what we wanted, and put together something very special for us. We cannot WAIT for this food!


The next meeting was with Mary from Mountainess Handmade to pick out some wedding favors for our guests. Mary makes all sorts of thoughtfully packaged, high quality candles (along with other goods like lip balms, soaps and deodorants) made from organic oils and plastic free packaging. Colby and I are obsessed with candles (you can never really have enough, amiright?) - especially ones that are environmentally friendly and locally made. She brought handfuls of candles for us to sniff, all in tins with beautiful hand-designed labels.

Our favorites were Balsam, Maple, and Lavender Vanilla because we felt that they were all very much “Maine”. Mary was so fun to meet with and another great reminder of how important local businesses are to us and to the Maine way of life!

After Mary left, Molly and Victoria took us to take some engagement photos! We were SO excited for this opportunity, albeit a bit nervous (how does one take a picture without looking awkward?). Our nerves quickly died down because Molly and Victoria are a dream to work with. It honestly just felt like we were hanging out with two really good friends that we have known forever. They taught us poses and the names for those poses so that when they call it out, we could quickly get into position (this was SOOO helpful). Everyone was laughing, at one point there was skipping (yes, this actually happened. Thank you, Victoria). Having cameras follow us around isn’t exactly a normal thing for us, so having people like Molly and Victoria to help ease the nerves was beyond helpful. We can’t wait to have them there with us on our wedding day and can’t imagine an experience like this without them!

Overall, I would say Day 4 was one of the best. It was filled with lots of laughter, new friends and connections, and a timeless venue that is the perfect place to start our lives together. 

October, you cannot come soon enough!"

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