Planning Day 1: It All Starts in Saco

Posted: April 29, 2019

Photographs by Kivalo Photography

From Katie:

Colby and I were beyond excited to get started with the planning process. This meant it was really real! For our first day of planning, we started at Blue Elephant Events in Saco, where we met Fausto from Blue Elephant Events, Christine from Real Maine Weddings and Patty from Kivalo Photography. It’s such a humbling feeling knowing that we have an actual team of people working with us, helping us through every step of this journey.

We started by sitting down with Fausto and Christine to go over any questions that we may have had. We discussed what was in store for us that day and the next few months leading up to the wedding.

We then checked out the PEAK Event Services showroom at Blue Elephant to look at and discuss place settings for the reception. Colby and I were so impressed with the amount of detail and thought that goes into setting a table. It was like Fausto was reading our minds because the pieces he was picking were exactly what we had been imagining.

After that, Elishia from E. Grace Design stopped in with beautiful arrangements in hand to discuss florals. To be honest, Colby and I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to flowers/plants. Having Elishia there was extremely helpful because she not only picked out beautiful arrangements for the wedding, but she also educated us a bit too! Elishia was incredibly knowledgeable, which was helpful in the moments where I’d say something like “Oh I like that one white flower with the black center, you know?” and she knew exactly what I meant! Elishia was an absolute joy to work with and really helped us to envision how beautiful the wedding will be.

After Elishia left, Fausto, Christine, Patty, Colby and I drove over to PEAK Event Services’ new showroom in Kennebunk to continue our search for decor. This space was absolutely gorgeous with walls lined with tablecloth options, to beautiful farm tables, lounge seating, and table settings. We started by picking out options for the rehearsal dinner and then moved on to the reception pieces. It was so hard picking because the options were endless and all truly stunning! Fausto is a design genius and having him there every step of the way was such a blessing.

When we finished at Peak, we drove back to Blue Elephant to end the day how everyone should end their day. Cake time! Linda from Mainely Wedding Cakes joined us with cake and filling samples. She brought red velvet, vanilla bourbon, chocolate, blueberry and lemon cakes. It’s everyone’s dream to spend an afternoon sampling cakes, right?! Everything that we tried was heavenly and decadent, baked to absolute perfection. I’m a sucker for anything with blueberry or vanilla (bourbon), so those two cakes really stole my heart and stomach. We talked about the design for our cake and Linda had some ideas that I never could have dreamed of myself. Linda’s energy and passion for what she does was incredibly infectious and it was such a pleasure to work with her. She even brought a little gift for Colby and me with some delicious, melt-in-your-mouth macarons and chocolates.

Colby and I had such an incredible first day of planning. We walked away feeling more grateful and excited than ever. We were practically pinching ourselves, still in shock that we have really been given this opportunity to work with such a talented, passionate, and caring group of vendors. We can’t wait to continue this journey and see it all come together this fall!

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