Planning Day 4: Venues, Flowers, and Cake!

Posted: May 22, 2018

By Jackie Maude
Photography by Focus Photography
We were looking forward to our fourth planning day because it was going to be another day spent in Ogunquit, Maine, the beautiful place by the sea. We had our amazing wedding team with us, Christine from Real Maine Weddings, Fausto from Blue Elephant Events & Catering, and Will and Lucia from Focus Photography. It felt bittersweet because it was also our last planning day until September. Phill and I have had such a wonderful time meeting all of the creative and talented vendors. They have made us feel very much at ease and comfortable through the whole process. We cannot wait until our special day, as we know it will be simply amazing. 
Our first stop of the day was The Meadowmere Resort where we met Allyson. We were really excited to see where our welcome party was going to be held. Allyson warmly greeted us and made us feel right at home. She showed us the grounds of where our welcome party was going to be; it was the perfect setting. I can only imagine what it will be like on a cool fall night under a blanket of stars. Fausto from Blue Elephant Events & Catering always has an amazing eye for design, and had some great ideas of how to bring the space to life. One element that I was really excited about was the bistro lighting. I love bistro lighting because it creates such a casual but romantic feeling. I can’t wait to see what Fausto has envisioned, as I know it will be amazing. 

We also met with Autumn from Flour. I was really looking forward to meeting her as I have seen some of her work and think her florals are works of art. You can sense Autumn’s passion and excitement for what she does from speaking with her. She is such a creative and talented individual, who has a very kind hearted disposition that makes you feel very comfortable through the planning process. I could have talked with her all day. I can’t wait to see what Autumn has envisioned for our floral arrangements for our welcome party and rehearsal dinner. Not only will Autumn be creating beautiful floral arrangements, she will also be making deserts for our rehearsal dinner as well. I am so grateful to have Autumn as a part of our wedding journey, as I know her creations will be something we will never forget.

Our next stop was The Beachmere Inn where our ceremony will be held. Phill and I were very much looking forward to seeing where our ceremony will be taking place. We met Sara and Elaine who both have such a positive presence. They instantly made us feel very much at ease and right at home. We were truly awestruck to see how beautiful the grounds were where our ceremony will be held. It is overlooking Marginal Way, that beautiful rocky coastline that Maine is all about. Phill and I have taken many walks along Marginal Way together and never thought in a million years we would be getting married overlooking one of the most beautiful and iconic places on the Maine coastline. All you can see is a horizon of aquamarine and the shimmer of light reflecting off the water. The waves gentling crashing into the sand creating such a comforting and soothing sound, the oceans whispers. It truly is one of the most tranquil and beautiful places in all of Maine. 

We are so very grateful to Real Maine Weddings and all of the vendors for giving us this opportunity to get married along the beautiful and iconic rocky coastline of Maine. We can’t imagine a more meaningful place to say ours vows as Maine has always been close to our hearts as it has been our past, our present, and will always be our future.
Our last stop of the day was meeting with Owen from ConfectionArt. Owen has such an upbeat and positive disposition. I could instantly sense his excitement and enthusiasm for being apart of our wedding journey. Owen took the time to listen to what design we were looking for in our wedding cake. I was hoping for something classic, romantic, and elegant. Owen showed us some pictures of cakes he had created for other clients. They were unbelievable. I had never seen cakes more beautifully and carefully crafted. The amount of precision and attention to detail that Owen possesses is simply amazing. We were also able to sample some of Owen’s delicious cakes and handcrafted buttercreams. The hard part was choosing what flavors for our wedding cake because they all were delicious. We can’t wait to see what Owen creates for us, as we know it will be incredible. Owen truly is a master at his craft. Just like a sculptor uses clay, Owen uses cake to create unique and one of a kind works of art that truly are masterpieces.

After our last planning day we are left feeling extremely thankful and grateful for this amazing opportunity. We are truly humbled by the generosity from the vendors. They are all such creative and talented individuals who display such a love and passion for what they do. We have loved having all of them as a part of this wedding journey. They certainly have made it something we will never forget. Phill and I can’t wait until our special day to see all their creative talents come to life. We know it will be a day where our dreams really will come true!

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