Planning Day 3: More Fun With Maine Businesses!

Posted: May 14, 2018


By Jackie Maude
Photography by Focus Photography
We were looking forward to our third planning day, as it was going to be a fun filled day of meeting with many different vendors. We had our wedding team with us, Christine and Melanie from Real Maine Weddings, and Will and Lucia from Focus Photography
Our first stop of the day was at the tasting room for the D.L. Geary Brewing Company. When we first stepped inside there was a delicious aroma of hops. It is a distinct smell that goes hand and hand with a brewery. We were warmly greeted by Robin, owner of Geary’s. I could sense her genuine excitement for being apart of our wedding journey. We were very excited to have Geary’s as our wedding favors. Phill and I enjoy visiting craft breweries and trying creative and unique beers, which make you savor what you are drinking. Seeing that Geary’s was the first craft brewery in New England, we are honored to have a wedding favor that is rich in history and also close to our hearts. 

We were taken on a tour of their brewery and felt like we were walking through history hearing the story of their beginnings. I could sense the passion in what they do and could certainly taste it too as we tried their beer. We sampled many varieties but one stood out to us. I really enjoy a New England style IPA. Geary’s Riverside IPA was rich is hoppy flavor but also subtly sweet with hints of stone fruit. It was perfect. We couldn’t think of better wedding favor because of Geary’s deep ties to Maine and also our love of great beer!
After Geary’s we headed off to Andrea’s Bridal. There we met Brittany, one of my matrons of honor, and Jen one of my bridesmaids. Julia, the owner of Andrea’s Bridal, was there to help guide us in choosing bridal party dresses. She had a very intuitive nature and was very helpful in finding dresses that embody the overall feeling of the wedding. I was hoping for something soft, romantic, and natural. It was important to me to find a dress that all the girls would feel comfortable in. I feel like Julia really took the time to find that for us and made sure we were happy with our choices. When there was a sea of dresses to choose from, she made it such an effortless and positive experience. 

Our next stop on our wedding journey was meeting with Jess, owner of Zula Bell. She had such a positive and upbeat disposition. Jess makes you feel instantly comfortable. I was amazed by her creative design options for our wedding invitations. They were absolutely beautiful. She showed us many different styles and presentations of invitations. I loved the die cut invitations. They gave the illusion of lace but it is made out of paper. It looked so romantic and elegant. Her designs are truly one of a kind. It was wonderful meeting such a creative and talented individual. I can’t wait to see what Jess creates for us, as I know it will be simply amazing. 

Our next meeting was with Barbara, owner of B.Hive Design. I was very much looking forward to meeting Barbara as I had seen her work from last years Real Maine Wedding and thought her handcrafted clutches were works of art. She had a great sense of what I was looking for. She brought many examples of different fabrics and laces with her. They were all so beautiful in their own unique way. I felt like Barbara completely understood what I had envisioned something, romantic, vintage, and classic. I am so excited to see what she creates, as I know it is something that I will treasure forever.

Our last stop of the day was meeting with Terry at Dube Travel. We were really excited to hear what were some of our options for our honeymoon. Phill and I haven’t had many opportunities to travel together, so we are really looking forward to this adventure. Terry was very informative about some of our honeymoon options. There was Cancun, Punta Cana, and Turks & Caicos. They all sounded like such amazing places. After doing some research we are keeping our fingers crossed for Turks & Caicos but know that they are all amazing options. We are really looking forward to our honeymoon and having an adventure together.

With another planning day in the books, we sit back and reflect on how much we have enjoyed our wedding journey and the process of meeting all the amazing vendors. We can’t even begin to express how much it means to us. We have loved that most of the vendors are small businesses and have found they possess such a love and passion for what they do. Because of this love and passion, we are so extremely grateful to them for donating their time and creative talents to making our wedding one that we will never forget!

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